Phoenix Auto Events

For anyone who loves cars, joining a car club with others who share the same passion can be a great experience. Everyone wants to make new friends and talk about the activities they love the most. In Arizona, Phoenix auto events are all the rage as fellow car enthusiasts come together and share their cards. Luxury cars shows, street racing, and used car auctions are growing in popularity as well for smaller car clubs in the area. Some of the best car clubs in the state of Arizona are becoming household names for the membership perks and exclusive meetings they provide. Some clubs have an open door policy and allow anyone to join, while others may have their own type of screening process before letting just anyone join. If you’re a car fanatic who lives close by to Phoenix, it’s worth taking a look into each club to decide what benefits are right for you. Ever car club has a different culture and may have different people involved as a result. Let’s walk through a few main car clubs that are taking car shows in Arizona by storm!

Phoenix car clubs are all the rage.

Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts

Anyone who has a knack for luxury cars knows that mingling with the right connections and getting inside deals is key. For those who are in love with the aesthetic and racing capabilities of a Corvette, joining the “ACE” Club or what’s known as the Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts. Corvettes are one of the most popular cars in America because of the history and aesthetic features behind it. In Arizona, rolling your windows down and driving down the highway is considered to be one of the greatest experiences for a car enthusiast. The club meets at least once a week on Tuesday for lunch and bands together to attend luxury Corvette showings on the weekend as well. Such showings are usually hosted in a convention center or on private property depending on who is organizing it. The club has been around for several years and allows members to race corvette models on the local “Auto Track” as well.

No matter what topic you’re interested in regarding Corvettes, the club has an extremely active online forum as well that posts about racing, maintenance, model updates, meetups, and more. There are over 400,000 posts to date on the club’s website so start joining the conversation!

Arizona Classic Car Club Of America

For car enthusiasts who are obsessed with the classic fifties and sixties club, the Arizona Classic Car Club of America is a great pick to join. The club is highly active and is transparent in who leads their meetings and weekly newsletter.  Their overall mission is to promote the interest, ownership, preservation, enjoyment of classic American cars. They also take action to help members gain information on the availability of products and services for the restoration and preservation of their own classic cars. Sponsors help host activities for members to showcase their classic cars and drive them around during the warmer months. Car shows in Arizona always have their members leading the stands so it doesn’t hurt to get to know them!

A few fun holiday events that the club hosts are annual holiday parts, grand classics, and their annual auction week in January. Held at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club, the club hosts a member wide breakfast to participate.  This year, they had over 50 members come from around the state to auction off classic cars and enjoy the sunshine outside. The event was hosted in Scottsdale Arizona and there are rumors that Phoenix will host in the upcoming year! To sign up for the club, enter your contact information online and you will be contacted by one of the directors.

Route 66 Car Club

For car lovers who like to take the off-beat path and explore new horizons, the Route 66 Car Club is great to take part in and attend with to car shows in Arizona. The club itself was incorporated in 1983 by a group of automobile enthusiasts who wanted to meet others who shared their passion.  The Club welcomes all types of vehicles like older classics, street rods, restorations, trucks, foreign cars, and even tractors if a member wishes to showcase one. They also routinely host culinary events for members, attend legal racing events at local tracks, contributes to Arizona charity events, and offers a club wide newsletter for members to keep in touch. Their general membership meetings are held at the Sizzler Restaurant in Flagstaff Arizona. They usually meet there on the second Wednesday of each Monday at seven P.M. sharp. Their strict time policy helps them ensure that meeting organization is maintained throughout their decentralized structure. Anyone who wants to get to know their members are welcomed to attend.

Moving Forward

Anyone who wants to get up to speed with Arizona car shows and car clubs are more than welcome to get involved. There’s a longer list of car clubs in Arizona if you do your research, but the organizations mentioned above are a few of the most active! Make sure that you’re fully aware of the culture, overall mission, and activity of any car club you wish to get involved with. Knowing as much as you can about their news and history helps with making a choice on which is right for you. By looking through each of their website, you’ll also gain a better sense on whether or not the club is endorsing street racing. In Arizona, street car racing is considered highly illegal and can come with heavy financial repercussions. Be wary of any groups that don’t abide by the rule or try to get away with private events for the sake of their membership. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Route 66 Club includes high speed car shows.

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