Buying used cars under $15k

New cars are nice to have, but not all are the perfect vehicle to purchase for the buyer who’s looking for the most cost effective deal. Often brand new cars come with spiked fees and increased retail costs for being the freshest model available on the market. For the recently graduated college student, parent, or working professional, buying a used car under $15k can be the best financial decision to make. Although the car won’t be spotless or the newest model to show off to friends or family, a used car dealership often offers enviable warranties and still fairly new cars for an affordable price tag. Depending on what locations you are at, used car dealerships offer a huge variety of models to choose from that are still only a few years old and won’t break the bank.

The biggest tip to remember when buying a great used car is to make sure that the used car dealership is not pushy, not offering short cut financing plans, and aren’t blocking their customers from doing a more thorough background check on their models. This allows the history of the car to be as transparent as possible so no further issues come up after the customer buys the car. Well known car brands like Honda, Toyota, and Chevy all offer incredible deals from used car dealerships and even allow their own service warranties to get added to the purchase. Let’s review the best reasons why the financially savvy car buyer should go for used cars under $15k instead of shelling out a chunk of their bank account.

Used cars under $15k are a great option.
Used cars under $15k are a great option.

Why Buy From Used Car Dealerships?

A brand new Lamborghini or Maserati is nice to have, and certainly nice to look at while you drive it every day. But is it really worth the extra insurance cost, retail price tag and potential issues that come with new models? For the people who value an affordable car that is still fun to experience, going for used cars under $15k is the best way to go. The less picky a customer is when they visit used car dealerships the better chance they will walk away with a used vehicle they really love!

First, customers buy a used car under $15k save lots of money. This is the most obvious reason why going used is a more cost effective option. Some brand new and luxury cars can cost upwards of one hundred thousand dollars, while the same used versions can be around half the manufacturer price. Unless you have lots of extra money sitting around that can be designated to a brand new car, it’s wiser to save what you have and live within your means. Just like people like to wait a few weeks until their favorite movies hit Netflix or the RedBox for cheaper rent, car buys can wait a few more years for the same model to get marked down. The price tag often drops immensely and more colored versions of it become available and under the “used” umbrella to shop from. Every car’s value goes down in thousands of dollars regardless of brand overall so it’s an important concept to keep in mind!

Secondly, brand new car buyers are prone to experience first-hand mechanical issues. When the brand new Honda Civic in 2016 came out, thousands of car buyers complained that their brakes were not working correctly, the car’s technology was faulty, and often had to pay more for maintenance overall during the first year. If they had waited one or two years for reviews to come out and professional ratings to release, they could have opted for a different model that wouldn’t be so costly to keep up with. Purchasing cars that are already pre-owned and a few years old helps you do better research before handing over your money to the used car dealership. You can learn about how car owners drive the car, common problems they experience and the ratings of how safe the vehicle is on the road. These are all vital metrics to keep in mind before committing to a car you’ve never driven before!

Pick A Car, Any Car

By buying used cars under $15k, customers also have hundreds more options of technology and add-ons to choose from. Sometimes, they may strike a lucky deal and purchase a car from a previous owner who already paid for luxury sport designs or interior upgrades. These cars may also come with beneficial service warranties and discounted insurance if the car history is in good standing, For example, Honda offers most used car customers to enroll in a five year service warranty that covers most mechanical issues that they may face over the road. This helps offer peace of mind to the driver in case they experience and issues while they drive. Brands like Mercedes offer a similar program and may even add on unlimited miles to the warranty, so the driver can use the car as much as they want as long as it’s maintained well. Typically checkups are encouraged every five to ten thousand miles so the car is kept in good health. A driver also gets a service guide and peace of mind as they drive off from the used car dealership. You’ll have the advantages of saving money and resting assured that your vehicle will be properly maintained as it continues to age.

Go Get Your Car

Getting a new car doesn’t have to be complicated or too expensive when you do the right research. Used cars under $15k are abundant and you just have to look for the right deals online or by walking into a used car dealership yourself. If you’re worried about the trustworthinessof the dealership or the car salesman, read about previous customer reviews and their Better Business Bureau rating before spending your money. You’ll get more credible information by talking to past customers than by reading only the business website!

Get the used car of your dreams.

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