Exploring Pain Pill Addiction

Pain pill addiction is affecting more people around the country than we realize. One of the most frequent reasons people go to the doctor is for quick pain relief, leading to thousands of people getting medications like opioids as their prescription. Doctors are routinely prescribing opioids as their prime recommendation without considering the negative effects it can have on people who choose to abuse it. These pain relievers are made from ingredients called opium, which is processed from the poppy plant found in nature. These drugs are generally safe when you take them for a short time and while following the directions as prescribed by your doctor. But while you gain help to manage the pain, you also gain an addictive feeling of euphoria and a false sense of joy.

Since patients can easily become addicted to this pleasure feeling, many fall into a long term pain pill addiction and need consistency guidance by an expert to deal with it. A Phoenix recovery center is proves that using natural treatment methods can allow patients to recover from their addiction without side effects from regular medicine. Holistic therapy focuses on treating the root problem, rather than covering up symptoms with more prescriptions. This is just like cleaning up the mess in your home and actually dealing with the problem rather than simply spraying Febreeze on the area and calling it a day. More patients every year are learning about the benefits of using natural holistic methods and the outpatient care that comes with it. Let’s look at the benefits of using natural treatment for addicts to get over their pain pill abuse.

Pain pill addiction can be treated with outpatient rehab.

Outpatient Rehab For Pain Pill Addiction

Treating pain pill addiction takes time and support from others.  Learning more about the options available could save you or someone you know who is battling a strong dependence on drugs to get through the day. Most people don’t plan on developing a pain pill addiction as it often starts from having a prescription to solve another problem in their body.  If someone chooses to quit cold turkey, they will probably go find themselves in an extremely difficult situation without needed medical or professional supervision. Going to a treatment center is the best way to use outpatient rehab methods for accountability, consistent therapy sessions, and treating the both the body and mind away from life’s normal responsibilities. The best parts about using treatment center for help includes:

  • Patients report less symptoms of withdrawal and gain help on every level of treatment. Being part of a drug rehab program offers structure that is needed for each day they spend working on their body and mind. This type of guided schedule isn’t found anywhere else, so there’s no idle time for a patient to start thinking about their addiction again and possibly feel tempted to ease into a relapse.  Addicts attending an rehab program will also have professional support and peers to get support from 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In early recovery having support available at all times is critical in case emergency situations or feelings of temptation occur.
  • Patients receive care with understanding and supervision while they stay at the drug treatment center. Staying in rehab means the individual will be within the facility walls all the time, in case their program includes an outing with their peers for educational purposes. This means that everyone is under constant supervision since people can run the risk of relapse if they’re kept by themselves for too long.
  • People at rehab are encouraged in engage in body friendly activities and will have no easy access to drugs or alcohol. This allows recovery to organically happen and makes the option the safest for those who had a difficult time detoxing their body in the first place. This also means that the program may limit phone calls and visits from visitors that can distract the patient from their treatment. If someone’s friends or family were the people who encouraged drug use, having them in contact will be prohibited until the program is over. This prevents any possible smuggling of substances as well as negative influence that a person outside the rehab may have on the addict. It’s better to be safe than sorry when they’re investing time and money to better their mind and body.
  • Patients benefit from meeting new people who encourage their new lifestyle of sobriety and self-care. Everyone at a rehab center is going through the same thing and has one goal in common: to get over their pain pill addiction. Group therapy sessions, one on one conversations, and even assigned rehab partners allows organic connections to grow between individuals in rehab. Someone may grow close to another patient and learn what actions and mindsets will help the most during times of relapse. These facilities also can be great places for recovering addicts to develop strong friendships and gain much needed support.

Fighting Pain Pill Addiction

Once a patient completes their program, treatment centers often offer outpatient rehab to continue to support the individual after they have left the facility. At this time, they teach the recovering addict various tools to implement when they feel cravings coming on during work, school, or idle time at home. This prevents the risk for relapsing and can potentially save a person’s life. Phoenix treatment centers are one of the locations around the country that provide this type of program. Most patients are encouraged to continue check-ups with their personal counselor and peers met during rehab. Having constant accountability and encouragement helps the recovering addict as they transition back to conquering the obstacles of life.

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Let’s fight pain pill addiction with natural treatments together.

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