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Alcohol Assessment

  Signs and Causes of Alcohol Abuse Alcohol can be found anywhere in our daily life, from being offered in the local liquor store and every large supermarket, to our favorite dining spot right down the corner. While most people don’t view alcohol consumption as an impending threat, drinking it too often in our daily read more »

Relapse Prevention

Staying Sober After Detox to Prevent Relapse In The Future After successfully completing a sobriety program to recover from addiction, the act of a single relapse can still claim victim to anyone who experienced even the most promising of rehabilitation. A substance addiction is usually regarded by health experts as severe as a chronic brain read more »

Recovering From Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse and Finding Alcohol Rehab Alcohol can be found anywhere in your community; from your local liquor store, to a large supermarket, to your favorite restaurant right down the street. While most people do not see alcohol as any sort of threat, including it too often in their lives could bring on some unwanted read more »

Dual Diagnosis Program

Recovery Programs for Drug Help and Addiction Addiction is difficult to deal with, especially if a mental disorder is in the mix. According to a recent national health survey, 45% of all people reporting an addiction have a co-occuring mental health disorder as well. This is commonly called by experts as “dual diagnosis” and effective read more »