Monthly Archives: July 2017

Different Ways Anxiety Affects College Students

  As we navigate college and all the responsibilities that come with it, it’s easy to fall victim to stress and anxiety. Our parents are away, there’s more on our plate to do, and there’s greater pressure to perform well. Studies show that 20% of college students say they’re stressed “most of the time”, 13% read more »

Enabling vs. Helping an Addict

When you watch a person you love go through addiction, it’s natural to want to help them in any way you can. Parents especially will want to offer their support, no matter the circumstance. However, whether their child is a teenager or older, that desire to help may have a negative impact on their recovery. read more »

The Effects of Alcohol Abuse

  Partying and binge drinking in college and the young adult world are known as milestones students should experience at some point in their lives. Across our country, campuses have had more students who are experiencing alcohol problems and alcohol related injuries thanks easily accessible bars and the pressure of the Greek system. Weekly drink read more »

The difference between creative writing and marketing writing

It can be hard writing persuasively to sell a product as opposed to writing freely for a blog online. Many writers hired by businesses find that they aren’t stimulated by their assignments and can experience writer’s block as a result. It’s difficult writing about products or services without adding your own personality and voice. However, read more »

The Truth about Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is staple requirement for being social in our society, from being included in daytime picnics, evening dinner outings, and parties late at night. On college campuses, it’s even more common to see a student walk down the street with a beer in their hand or go to happy hour before sunset to get read more »