The difference between creative writing and marketing writing

It can be hard writing persuasively to sell a product as opposed to writing freely for a blog online. Many writers hired by businesses find that they aren’t stimulated by their assignments and can experience writer’s block as a result. It’s difficult writing about products or services without adding your own personality and voice. However, it’s important to remember that adding that extra content only adds to the time for your customers to find the information that they’re looking for. Simply put, you want to be as direct and focused as possible with your writing so there’s no miscommunication between the business mission and the customer. Writing without this kind of creativity will pose as a tough task, so it’s helpful to keep in mind a few techniques whenever you feel stuck in a rut with an assignment.

Working through writer’s block 

 If you find yourself stuck in writer’s block, there’s many tips out there to recharge your mind to keep going. Any good writer will experience this at some point, but it’s good to know how to push through it when the time comes. Whether you’re creating an ad slogan, a press release, or a product review, you don’t have to feel like you lost your voice and motivation. Try using some of these techniques to recharge your writing and mine alike:

  • Step away from your writing and go do something you enjoy for a mental break. You could go for a walk, see a friend, or go somewhere outside to get fresh air and stimulation from elsewhere.
  • Finding a quiet space with less noise can help your focus. You can also turn your phone on silent, and play music without loud bass or lyrics to aid your writing efficiency.
  • Declutter your work space, as a clean desk can lead to a less busy mind. Working with less trash and junk around you helps with your mental state and can lead to better writing inspiration.
  • Find a time of the day when you’re most energetic and schedule to write then. When your brain is best flowing, your words will flow as well. Getting your work out of the way will also free up the rest of your day to do other things as well.

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Writing for a Web Page while Maintaining Creativity 

Writing for a regular blog and writing for a business page are on two different ends of the spectrum. With a blog, the audience will pay attention to your own personal flair and become captivated with the story. With a business page, however, your content needs to direct so you don’t risk them clicking to the next page. While writing in that style, you can still maintain your own creativity with finding another outlet like drawing, taking up a new class, writing in a journal, or starting your own personal blog. The overall ideal is to maximize your downtime with other enjoyable activities that will keep your mind flowing until you go back to writing. This way, you can still write for marketing purposes without stopping your full potential for creativity. With enough time and practice, you can master both styles while still feeling like your voice is shining through!






















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