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Initiating an Intervention

Many struggle with substance abuse to deal with their everyday stress and life issues. A lot of times they become addicted to it, using the substance to numb difficult emotions and therefore building a tolerance to its effect over a long time. Some may come to think that alcohol and drugs assist them with dealing read more »

Alcohol Abuse and PTSD

To many people, PTSD sounds like a disorder that may only be affecting victims who have experienced harsh war or natural disaster conditions. Yet, according to the National Institute on Mental Health, around 8% of all people will go through PTSD in their lifetime. Those who are suffering are shockingly between two and four times read more »

Chemical Imbalances and Addiction Recovery

When you are going through an addiction recovery from prolonged substance abuse, symptoms of drug withdrawal or the detox itself can wreck your system from the chemical balances it causes. These are often called by rehab experts as the ‘rebound effect’, which points to the process of your body maintaining its homeostasis. Intense drugs like read more »

Sobriety, Alcoholics Anonymous, and peer support groups

If you find yourself stuck in the never-ending rut of beginning your recovery journey, you will definitely experience days or weeks where staying motivated independently will be extremely difficult. Being caught alone in your battle for health is no way to fight an addiction to strong substances like drugs or alcohol. Having a peer support read more »

Holistic Treatment for Addiction Recovery  

Holistic recovery is an effective way of addiction treatment as it combines integrative medicine and seeks to improve an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. In most instances, relying on prescribed medication from doctors can easily cover up addiction signs that can portray a façade of a more unwavering road to recovery. The motive of read more »

Work, Binges, and High-Functioning Alcoholism

Consuming alcohol is staple requirement for being social in our society as well as a potent method for self-medicating or stress management. On college campuses, it’s even more common to see a student walk down the street with a beer in their hand, unaware of their developing alcohol dependency. A lot of people who binge read more »

Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Many battle with substance abuse to deal with their everyday stress. Becoming addicted to numbing negative emotions leads to long term tolerance. Some may deny their addiction and claim that alcohol and drugs assist them with everyday stress, but scientists found that it actually decreases your ability to manage anxiety, depression, anger, and even digestion read more »

The Danger of Binge Drinking

In college, going out to party and binge drinking are milestones that everyone is told they should experience in their four golden years. Campuses have thousands of students who struggle with alcohol thanks to popular bars and a culture that hails frequent drinking as the norm. Many of us know someone who had a drunken read more »

Exercise for Recovery

Breaking the cycle of addiction can be challenging for someone to experience. An addiction can completely deplete someone’s energy levels and make it that much more difficult to tackle. Thankfully, there’s techniques out there that help someone if they’re caught in a rut. One of the most effective ways is taking part in daily exercise read more »

Obsession and The Link to Addiction

Thousands of people struggle with having a psychological urge or need to consume something heavily in their life. Whether it’s constantly checking social media, drinking, smoking, or indulging in food, everyone has their own vice. However, this dependency is heavily linked with drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Breaking the vicious cycle of any kind of read more »