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Enabling An Addict

Addiction is an experience that no one expects, but many go through either themselves or by someone they know. Everyone reacts differently after they become aware of aa close friend or family member struggling with an intense drug or alcohol addiction. Some like to turn a blind to the issue to save face and others read more »

Addiction And Codependency

Working in a high stress environment comes with its pros and cons. You’re more motivated to work hard and make results happen, but the risk of unhealthy habits becomes stronger when you need an outlet. Many high stress offices around the country are leading employees from the top down to not only engage in unhealthy read more »

Signs Of Emerging Adulthood

For most teenagers and young people, emerging adulthood feels like an exciting yet confusing time. We’re all trying to figure out what a stable life means, find our passions, discover what types of people and jobs are our fit, and decode our own selves too. Adults who are the ages of eighteen to thirty are read more »

Behavioral Assisted Living

Living in a mental health clinic or seeking help from a mental health practitioner isn’t always someone’s first choice when they begin their transition into senior age. Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we’re getting older every day, but with age comes more wisdom and opportunities to work on our health! There’s an abundance read more »

Having An Addictive Personality

Addictive behavior seems to be glamorized all over the internet, the media and with celebrities all over the world. We joke about binge watching Netflix, drinking way too much but “living our best life”, eating too much food, and songs that encourage drug abuse is even more shared. These subliminal messages are beginning to make read more »

Exploring Pain Pill Addiction

Pain pill addiction is affecting more people around the country than we realize. One of the most frequent reasons people go to the doctor is for quick pain relief, leading to thousands of people getting medications like opioids as their prescription. Doctors are routinely prescribing opioids as their prime recommendation without considering the negative effects read more »

Mental Health Stigma

Mental health has been a hot topic of discussion not only for the controversy surrounding the politics of mental health disorders in general, but the disagreements over what “normal” mental health should like overall. More young adults and even teenagers are coming out with mental health disorders like depression, ADHD, PTSD, and other issues that read more »

Practicing Long Term Naturopathic Remedies

If a patient wants to gain sustainable recovery, finding treatment routes that don’t revolve around traditional medications is the way to go. Medication can offer its fair share of withdrawal effects and symptoms that mess up a patient’s daily lifestyle.  Many people who are going through a severe mental illness are now choosing to be read more »

Long Term Drug Rehab

Deciding the right treatment center for drug or alcohol addiction can be tough. While there are a number of treatment options available for anyone in the country, long-term drug rehab facilities have been proven in recent studies to offer much more benefits that can’t be given through short term treatment. For some people, using the read more »

What Are Club Drugs? 

Club drugs can include chemicals that we often hear about in pop culture like cocaine, marijuana, MDMA or molly. The use of MDMA or ‘Molly’ is extremely common in the hip hop and electronic dance music scene. It’s glorified by some of the most beloved actresses, musicians, and influencers without consideration to how it actually read more »