Monthly Archives: October 2017

Influencer Marketing, Black Hat, and Buying Followers

Since the rise of Instagram in the past five years, social media influencer marketing has been a hot topic for businesses in every industry to conquer. Popular Instagram influencers like Jeffrey Star, Jen Selter, and Logan Paul regularly work with a variety of brands to boost their digital marketing effectiveness. Once a certain user is read more »

Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Many battle with substance abuse to deal with their everyday stress. Becoming addicted to numbing negative emotions leads to long term tolerance. Some may deny their addiction and claim that alcohol and drugs assist them with everyday stress, but scientists found that it actually decreases your ability to manage anxiety, depression, anger, and even digestion read more »

The Danger of Binge Drinking

In college, going out to party and binge drinking are milestones that everyone is told they should experience in their four golden years. Campuses have thousands of students who struggle with alcohol thanks to popular bars and a culture that hails frequent drinking as the norm. Many of us know someone who had a drunken read more »

Exercise for Recovery

Breaking the cycle of addiction can be challenging for someone to experience. An addiction can completely deplete someone’s energy levels and make it that much more difficult to tackle. Thankfully, there’s techniques out there that help someone if they’re caught in a rut. One of the most effective ways is taking part in daily exercise read more »

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

We’ve all been there when our daily lives get too hectic and becomes out of our control. Whether you are struggling with your job, relationship, or getting to all your errands, being overly anxious about catering to your responsibilities can be detrimental to your long term health. With its damaging effects to the brain and read more »