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Practicing Long Term Naturopathic Remedies

If a patient wants to gain sustainable recovery, finding treatment routes that don’t revolve around traditional medications is the way to go. Medication can offer its fair share of withdrawal effects and symptoms that mess up a patient’s daily lifestyle.  Many people who are going through a severe mental illness are now choosing to be read more »

Long Term Drug Rehab

Deciding the right treatment center for drug or alcohol addiction can be tough. While there are a number of treatment options available for anyone in the country, long-term drug rehab facilities have been proven in recent studies to offer much more benefits that can’t be given through short term treatment. For some people, using the read more »

What Are Club Drugs? 

Club drugs can include chemicals that we often hear about in pop culture like cocaine, marijuana, MDMA or molly. The use of MDMA or ‘Molly’ is extremely common in the hip hop and electronic dance music scene. It’s glorified by some of the most beloved actresses, musicians, and influencers without consideration to how it actually read more »

Teen Xanax Abuse

Xanax abuse has been rampant among teenagers who are more prone to try out the drug than ever before. The drug is typically prescribed to anyone who is dealing with muscle aches or anxiety, yet the withdrawal effects that come from abusing the drug lead to those exact symptoms. Someone who is dealing with an addiction read more »