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Antidepressant Medication

Common Thread In the past few years, addressing the common issue of mental health, depression, anxiety, and other disorders has permeated our society. From popular Netflix shows that display realistic portrayals of experiencing them to national campaigns for suicide prevention, the conversation is active to make sure anyone feeling at risk can receive the help read more »

Alcohol Abuse and PTSD

To many people, PTSD sounds like a disorder that may only be affecting victims who have experienced harsh war or natural disaster conditions. Yet, according to the National Institute on Mental Health, around 8% of all people will go through PTSD in their lifetime. Those who are suffering are shockingly between two and four times read more »

Work, Binges, and High-Functioning Alcoholism

Consuming alcohol is staple requirement for being social in our society as well as a potent method for self-medicating or stress management. On college campuses, it’s even more common to see a student walk down the street with a beer in their hand, unaware of their developing alcohol dependency. A lot of people who binge read more »

Workplace Health

Our office atmospheres have a huge effect on our overall motivation, performance, and energy throughout the day. Whether you’re at a desk job or are constantly moving during work, each person’s mental health can drastically change depending on the corporate structure they are placed in. Everyone has a slightly different working preference, so finding an read more »

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

We’ve all been there when our daily lives get too hectic and becomes out of our control. Whether you are struggling with your job, relationship, or getting to all your errands, being overly anxious about catering to your responsibilities can be detrimental to your long term health. With its damaging effects to the brain and read more »

Obsession and The Link to Addiction

Thousands of people struggle with having a psychological urge or need to consume something heavily in their life. Whether it’s constantly checking social media, drinking, smoking, or indulging in food, everyone has their own vice. However, this dependency is heavily linked with drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Breaking the vicious cycle of any kind of read more »

Different Ways Anxiety Affects College Students

  As we navigate college and all the responsibilities that come with it, it’s easy to fall victim to stress and anxiety. Our parents are away, there’s more on our plate to do, and there’s greater pressure to perform well. Studies show that 20% of college students say they’re stressed “most of the time”, 13% read more »

Teen Mental Health and Depression

You may think that mental health issues like depression are taboo and uncommon among teens. However, with popular shows like Netflix’s “13 Reason’s Why” that put teen depression and suicide in the limelight, the conversation about the problem is back in mainstream media. The show projects the everyday difficulties that teens deal with, like social read more »

How deliberate thinking, mindfulness, and being “aware” of the present moment can help anxiety

Many college students turn to substance abuse during their formative years to help cope with a heavy workload or relieve anxiety. It is a form of dangerous self-medication. Luckily, discovering healthy ways to deal with college and life involve nothing more than a little time, effort and conscious thinking, and practicing mindfulness can be beneficial read more »