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If you’re struggling with both sudden and long term anxiety symptoms, you don’t have to feel like you’re going through it alone. Millions of people every year are going through some level of anxiety or stress as life brings on never ending twists and turns.

Anxiety symptoms are known to build up over time as negative emotions are repeatedly internalized by a person to maintain control of the situation they are caught in. It is easy to feel like nothing is in your grasp and that the world is spinning around you.

This type of mindset is extremely easy to fall into but especially difficult to fall out of. As a result, addressing how to safeguard your mental health is more important than ever.

Let’s break down some tips and tricks to manage your anxiety or stress when you are feeling greatly overwhelmed. Knowing exactly how to combat your emotions are key to feeling prepared when another surprising moment strikes.

Anxiety symptoms can effect anyone.
Anxiety symptoms can effect anyone.

Manage Your Mind

Anxiety symptoms can be dealt with in a variety of ways, but the most important thing is to first acknowledge in your mind that you are not feeling yourself. If you are finding that you’re feeling extremely stressed out, accept upfront that you are not in control of everything that happens to you. Put what your anxiety is telling you in a box and observe the bigger picture. Sometimes, what we worry about is not as bad as we really think when we look at problems from a different angle.

Another tip to protect your mind is to stop aiming for absolutely perfection every day. What makes us special as humans is that we are unique, powerful, and flawed individuals. Instead of trying to do everything right, be proud of how much effort and discipline you put into your passions on the daily. Maybe you didn’t hit all your sales goals or won that important game this week, but what counts is how much you learned and how you put forth your best try.

Another great tip is to maintain a positive attitude by replacing your negative thoughts with ones that lift you up. Nothing helps more when you’re stressed than encouraging self improvement talk which will radiate positivity to the people around you.

Battle Proof Your Body

Another important aspect of dealing with anxiety symptoms is to protect the health of your body. Learn what triggers your anxiety, be it a certain sight, smell, person, or environment. Be responsible enough to recognize these catalysts and avoid what makes you feel worse.

Additionally, no matter how great Starbucks is, it’s best to limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeine throughout the week. Studies show that these substances are easily aggravating our levels of stress and can heighten the intensity of panic attacks. Yikes. Definitely not a vice you want to be feeding into when drinking water will leave your mind and body in a much healthier place instead.

To round out keeping yourself hydrated, make sure to also eat balanced and natural meals that boost your energy. Get enough sleep and put your phone on silent so you’re getting quality rest for your system each night. To top your efforts off, make sure you’re getting some form of exercise every day to maintain your health and keep yourself feeling strong.

From my experience, just hitting the gym and lifting some heavy weights for an hour provides amazing recovery from days that can be really stressful.

Meditation Isn’t Mediocre

Not to pressure you into becoming the next big yoga guru, but there is also sound science in using meditation to combating high levels of anxiety symptoms. Most experts recommend people who suffer from daily stress to take deep breaths and slowly count to ten when they are in a difficult situation. Even taking an extra few minutes before heading out the door to do this helps prep your mind to feel more calm and better handle what obstacles may come your way.

Another pro tip is to practice yoga in a class or with a buddy so you’re feeling a sense of community while lowering your anxiety levels. Yoga provides huge benefits to our mind and body and allows us to step back from our biggest problems with a clearer head.  Regular practice with yoga can drastically improve your level of balance, strength, and sense of concentration. You’ll likely notice a big improvement in your general fitness as well since you’re putting time into keeping your physical foundation strong.

Look into what yoga classes or yoga videos are available to start practicing in your free time. Most people can easily learn and practice by taking local beginner classes that incorporate various styles to find what is best for them. You never know how great you’ll feel from something new if you don’t give it a try!

Reach Out

The power is definitely in the community when you want to get over long term stress. If you are still struggling, consider taking an anxiety quiz online or talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling. These screenings are completely free and often only take a few minutes out of your day. It doesn’t hurt to get a better idea of what your current health is like and be pointed to resources that can help.

As for talking to people, sometimes having a difficult conversation where you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position can open doors to speaking with a physician who can offer more sound advice for forming your next steps of action. The opportunity to improve your lifestyle and mental health will never come until you make the decision to reach out for it.

You don't have to feel alone with anxiety symptoms.
You don’t have to feel alone with anxiety symptoms.


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