Career Planning Events Spring 2016

Everyone is welcome at these upcoming events. Email if you have questions.

April 4, 4:00 – 5:00pm, EB 259.  Grad School and You. Hear LAS alumni who are now pursuing a range of graduate degrees here at Illinois talk about the experience and give advice on choosing a program, applying, and succeeding.

April 5, 4:30 – 5:50pm, EB 108. Interviewing 101.  Kristine McCoskey will draw on her experience as a corporate recruiter to help you sell your skills, speak with confidence to employers, and handle challenging interview situations.

April 11, 4 – 5pm, EB 104. Business Careers for English/CW Majors. Andrew Allen, Director of Illinois Business Consulting, will discuss the hiring needs of the business world and the skills that humanities majors can bring to fields like consulting and management

April 12, 5 – 5:50, EB 119.  Project Management for English/CW Majors. Anne Odom, a project manager for DS Volition (video game development company in Champaign), will explain what project management is, why humanities majors are good at it, and how you can position yourself to do it for a living.

April 19, 5 – 5:50, EB 119.  Business Communication for English/CW Majors. Kate Ditewig-Morris, internship coordinator for the Dept. of Communications and previously a writer for Caterpillar, Inc., will discuss careers in writing for businesses.

April 26, 5 – 5:50, EB 119.  Customer Support for Humanities Majors. Pat East of Pixo (a custom software company in Urbana) will describe this growth field in the tech industry at which humanities majors excel.

Publishing Prescriptions from The Book Doctors

At the end of February, prolific authors Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry (The Book Doctors) visited the University of Illinois. The duo hosted a series of workshops—“Traditional, Independent, or Self-Publishing?”; “Making Editing Fun”; and “Perfecting Your Pitch”—followed by Pitchapalooza, an event they describe as the American Idol of PitchapaloozaInstagrambook pitches (minus Simon Cowell). Over the course of these four events, The Book Doctors imparted to attendees a wealth of valuable advice about writing and publishing any kind of book. Attending the events, I came away with both practical tips and a general sense of the complex processes by which a book idea evolves into a published text. Here are just a few of the takeaways from the events:

Getting a book published requires research and planning

The Book Doctors opened their first workshop with good news: anyone can get published! But they followed it immediately with bad news: anyone can get published. In such a competitive market, The Book Doctors stressed, having a great idea isn’t enough to turn

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Getting Ready for the Illini Career and Internship Fair

Illini Career Fair 2016

Are employers interested in talking to you?


Desirable English/CW major skills

  • Communication (both oral and written)
  • Knowledge about cross-cultural issues, diversity, inclusivity
  • Research and information retrieval
  • Analytical thinking
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Effective with ambiguity, uncertainty, incomplete information
  • Learning and synthesizing new ideas
  • Teamwork

(English majors: You’ve explored 1500  years of the written word, from Beowulf to Derrida, some of the densest and most challenging prose ever written: complexity doesn’t scare you.)

(Creative writing majors: You’re skilled at working with groups to bring out the best in yourself and others; you know how to bring creative rigor to any problems and how to hold a team to high standards.)

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Tips for Doing Your Best at UIUC’s Spring Career Fairs

It’s a big week for career fairs at the University of Illinois! The Business Career Fair takes place at the ARC this Wednesday, Feb. 3 and Thursday, Feb 4 from 2 to 6 pm, and the Arts and Culture Career Fair takes place in Chicago (UIC Student Center East (3rd Floor)) this Friday, Feb. 5 from 12 to 2 pm. And there’s a host of other career fairs scheduled later in February and March, which we encourage you to attend!

Arts and Culture Career Fair banner headingPNG

Last week, Laura Miller, a senior in English; Kenny Miller a senior in Creative Writing; and Kirstin Wilcox, the English Department’s Director of Internships offered some advice about how to be successful at the upcoming career fairs. Here’s what they had to say:

Start going to career fairs early in college, and go multiple times

As with most things in life, you’ll perform better at career fairs with experience. So don’t wait until Spring semester of your senior year to dust off your professional attire for your Continue reading