June Library Office Notes





ANNOUNCEMENTS: Collections and Technical Services Update
Initiatives/projects underway:

  • As many of you have seen, the Office of Collections has been systematically “branding” e-resources for the first time. We plan on continuing that process – although most of the biggies are done.
  • We also anticipate launching a new e-resource usage service from EBSCO in the coming year that will provide a more comprehensive look at e-resource usage.
  • We are looking to identify any historically underspent collections funds with the intent of working with the subject specialists on those. This has been discussed with CDC.
  • CDC has a working group that is completing a review of er14. The intent is to review expenditures, identify items that may be moved to individual subject funds, and to restructure the fund to facilitate its management.
  • We are also in the process of preparing collections budget projections for the next fiscal year. Anticipate the projections of inflation, etc… after next week’s CDC meeting.

With respect to Technical Services, there really are more projects that can be mentioned in the time given, but a few of the larger time commitments include:

  • Well, Acquisitions is closing the books on this fiscal year. That pretty much takes up most of their time right now.
  • Toward the end of last calendar year, we began a process of digitizing books rejected by the last Google digitization project. This involved personnel from preservation, conservation, CAM, CMS, and DCC.
  • Hot on the heels of that is an effort to ramp up to digitize an additional 200,000 volumes that Google has identified as being desirable. The same players have been involved.
  • Systematic shifts of materials from Stacks to Oak St from the Dewey classifications identified with the Physical and Life Sciences.
  • As you saw in Inside Illinois, deduplication of periodicals at Oak St is starting. This is a process of deduplicating those holdings that match those in the CIC’s Shared Print Repository as well as looking at retaining single copies of titles that we hold in multiple copies locally.

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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Research Data Service Update
The Library welcomes Heidi Imker, newly-appointed Director of the Research Data Service. The Research Data Service is a campus-wide service based in the Library that is intended to support the needs of researchers who need to manage and preserve research data, regardless of subject area. The Research Data Service is supported by the Offices of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Provost, and it will provide services from the Library’s Scholarly Commons. Over the summer Heidi will be working with librarians in the Scholarly Commons and the eResearch Implementation Committee to identify ways to make existing and new research data services offered by the Library visible and accessible to faculty and other researchers on campus. Heidi’s office is in 312 Library, and her email address is imker@illinois.edu. Please stop by and say hello.

The eResearch Implementation Committee is piloting a service called EZid, which allows researchers to register research datasets and to obtain a permanent URL for the dataset (DOI—digital object identifier). The EZid service, supported by Purdue University, provides a simple way for libraries to help researchers register their datasets. As libraries assign identifiers for data sets, they provide information to researchers about supporting long-term access to their data. As researchers increasingly need to link to their datasets, as part of a publication or to fulfill a grant requirement, libraries participating in the EZid service will be able to provide a solution to this need. Last week the EZid service at the University of Illinois went “live” by assigning its first DOI to a dataset for the Illinois Climate Network.

The eResearch Implementation Committee is hosting a blog that features entries about research data access and preservation. If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look at the most recent post on preservation file formats prepared by Kyle Rimkus, and browse the other entries as well: https://publish.illinois.edu/research-data/
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HR NEWS: Summer 2014 Book Reserves at Central Circulation
Due to remodeling happening in the Undergraduate Library this summer, all book reserves we process for Summer 2014 will be housed at Central Circulation (Main Library) rather than the Undergraduate Library. (Media reserves will be housed at the Undergraduate Library, as usual.) Book reserves can be placed in either the Undergraduate Library or Central Circulation for Fall 2014.
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HR NEWS: Media Services Moving from CMS
With the development of the Media Commons <http://www.library.illinois.edu/ugl/mc/> at the Undergraduate Library, in the same building as the main media collection on campus, it makes sense to consolidate Library media services in one place. Starting with the new fiscal year in July, UGL is taking over the media ordering that CMS has done. They will also be overseeing the streaming media collection. (CMS will continue to process media reserves, both DVD and streaming.)

Also, media cataloging is moving to Content Access Management.
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HR NEWS: Faculty and AP Searches
Below is a summary of current academic searches as of May 30, 2014 (click on graphic below to enlarge). A more comprehensive listing is sent via LibNews each month.

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HR NEWS: Civil Service Staff Openings
Below is a summary of current civil service staff openings as of May 27, 2014 (click on graphic below to enlarge).
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HR NEWS: Performance Review for Civil Service Employees
Civil Service employee Performance Reviews will be due for all Library Civil Service Employees on June 30, 2014.

Performance review should be a continuing, ongoing activity between employees and their supervisors. Regular performance evaluation encourages communication about job expectations and provides the opportunity for supervisors to give important feedback to their employees relative to their meeting performance standards. It also provides a basis for determining job training or development needs for employees. For employees not covered by the collective bargaining process, performance review also supports the process of determining merit salary increases.

The performance review should be conducted on a schedule that accommodates the work cycle of the unit. The structure of the review process should also meet the needs of the unit. Some units may prefer a highly structured and formal process while others may accomplish their goals through an informal process. Units may use evaluation forms that best meet their needs, including those now used for probationary and open range employees, or those used in the academic professional process. Units may also continue to use forms they may have developed for employees currently evaluated or may develop or modify other forms, provided they include the required components listed below.

In general, the required components of the review are the following:

  • A written understanding, between the supervisor and the employee, of the major duties and responsibilities of the job held i.e., a job description.
  • A supervisor’s written and signed evaluation of current performance compared to expected performance.
  • A meeting between supervisor and employee to review the evaluation, which might include a discussion of plans and goals for the coming year.
  • The employee’s signature on the evaluation form to signify that the employee and the supervisor have discussed the contents of the review. By signing, the employee is not signifying agreement with the review, only that the discussion was held. The employee may provide comments on the evaluation either verbally or in writing. A copy of the review is provided to the employee.
  • The supervisor’s written and signed evaluation, together with any written employee comments, to be placed in the employee’s unit file.

In addition, in instances where employees are members of a bargaining unit, supervisors should consult the appropriate bargaining agreement to determine if there are additional requirements.

Any questions regarding this policy, its implementation, or the appropriateness of a particular evaluation form should be directed to the Labor and Library Human Resources, 333-8169.
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HR NEWS: Acting Assistant Dean of Libraries for Advancement
Starting June 1st, the Acting Assistant Dean of Libraries for Advancement will be Jason Quackenbush (the Library’s current Associate Director of Annual Funds). Jason takes over for Vicki Trimble who retired on May 30, 2014.
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HR NEWS: Retirements
We’d like to recognize all retirements as of April 30, 2014. New additions are in italics below.

Academic Professional

  • Vicki Trimble, Advancement, May 30, 2014


  • Barbara Ford, Mortenson Center for International Library Programs, May 30, 2014
  • Frances Jacobson Harris, University High School Librarian, June 29, 2014

Support Staff

  • Mary Anderson, Acquisitions, May 30, 2014
  • Tina Brown-Warren, International and Area Studies Library, April 30, 2014
  • Margaret Lewis, Mathematics Library, June 27, 2014
  • Marquita Miller, University Librarian’s Office, May 30, 2014
  • Betty Smith, Central Access Services, May 30, 2014
  • Helen Sullivan, Archives Research Center, May 30, 2014
  • Katherine Swan, Map & Geography Library, May 30, 2014
  • Beth Trotter, Acquisitions, April 30, 2014
  • Barbara Trumpinski, ACES Library, June 29, 2014

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HR NEWS: Nontraditional Degree Program at EIU

Making the Grade: Nontraditional Degree Program
Eastern Illinois University

What is the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies Degree Program?
The program is a nontraditional approach to obtaining a fully accredited Bachelor of Arts degree. Complete a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies (BGS) from Eastern Illinois University during nights and weekends at Parkland College. It is recommended that a prospective student have at least 60 hours of earned college credit at the time of application. You can view more information regarding the general studies program at www.eiu.edu/~bgs.

  • Designed for adults who have family and career responsibilities
  • Combines academic principles with advancements in Technology to provide ways to achieve degree completion
  • Well suited to serve the educational needs of adults who cannot access University course work in a traditional manner

Join us for a free noon hour presentation given by Audrey Bachelder, Academic Advisor for the BGS program on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. The session will be held from Noon – 1:00 p.m., at Veterinary Medicine Basic Sciences Bldg., Rm. 2271C, 2001 S. Lincoln, Urbana. Registration is REQUIRED. Register early for this session at https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/7211321 since space will be limited.

Bring your lunch and join us for an informative and free alternative to fast food restaurants and long lines. Or, if you prefer, we will order a sandwich and chips for you from Jimmy Johns for $6.50.

Please make your reservation by Friday, June 20, 2014. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know your registration has been accepted. If you have questions please call Cindy Reed 333-2137 or email c-reed3@illinois.edu.
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FACILITIES: Projects in Planning

  • Main Library – Room 1 Renovation for Technical Services – CAM will provide new space and furniture for the staff currently located in room 220 Main Library. Room 44 Main Library is being prepared for CMS’s move in the coming month, gift collections, shelving and processing area will be moving to 7A after CMS moves to room 44. Library Project.
  • Main Library – Room 146 Renovation for University Archives will provide a newly remodeled services point for the unit. This is the implementation of the NSM planning. The collection, staffing and reading areas are in the final stage of design. The 146 suite painting is complete, flooring removed and new flooring to be installed starting next week. Library project.
  • Main Library – Stacks Chiller Tower Replacement Facilities & Services will be replacing two existing chiller towers located on the 4th Main Stack Addition roof with two high efficiency units. Bidding has been completed. Construction start date May 15, 2014 with the tower replacement taking place in October 2014 after the summer major cooling season. Facilities and Services project.
  • Main Library – Parking Lot E3 Drainage Study Consultant has finalized the plan for resolving the water overflow from the E3 parking lot into the west basement entry and loading dock. Campus Parking is reviewing construction delivery methods and schedule. The work will be done summer 2014 or summer 2015. Facilities & Services, Campus Parking and Library project.
  • Main Library – Gregory Drive Sidewalk/abandon electric vault cover replacement. Consultant is designing the replacement lid/sidewalk for a section of sidewalk along the south side of the Main Library that has major deterioration. Facilities & Services’ project.
  • Main Library – 1st floor center restroom renovation. The project will renovate both spaces providing one accessible women’s and one accessible men’s restroom on the first floor adjacent to the Marshall Gallery. Bid documents being completed. Construction to start Fall 2014. Facilities & Services’ project.
  • Main Library – Room 220 operational planning for Scholarly Commons and Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) services. Schedule for renovation is being developed.
  • Grainger Engineering Library & Information Center – Design Center – New collaboration project between the College of Engineering and Grainger Engineering Library Current proposal would re envision the west end of the basement level – room 000 and the west end of the first floor – room 100. A phased project with the early phase anticipated to be ready for the fall semester 2014.
  • Horticulture Field Laboratory – University Archives NEH Grant Remodeling – The project will replace the existing environmental system for the three existing vaults, construct a new vault for instrument storage in room 108 and install fire suppression in all 4 vaults. In the process of completing the design development phase, reviewing the budget and schedule.
  • Undergraduate Library – planning for additional panel enclosures and reading/collaboration tables for the Media Commons.

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FACILITIES: Projects in Construction

  • Main Library – Air Conditioning Plant – Main Stacks Cooling Tower Replacement. Two existing cooling towers located above the 4th Main Stack addition will be replaced in the next 9 months. Site mobilization will take place in late September 2014 and cooling tower replacement starting in October 2014. The southeast section of Parking Lot E3 will be closed in September for construction staging. Facilities & Services project
  • Main Library – Phase 2B Masonry Restoration and Window Replacement – North Lightcourt. Mortar grinding is 95% complete. Mortar pointing is nearing completion with wash down in progress. Window replacement will start in mid-June 2014.
  • Main Library – Room 146 renovation in preparation for the University Archives relocation. Painting is complete, flooring replacement to start in May, window shades to follow. Electrical and data work to follow the completion of the shelving and furniture layout.
  • Undergraduate Library – Upper Level Flooring replacement project. The upper level of the UGL is out of service until the end of July 2014. Please be aware 291 UGL scheduling will need to be reserved in other Library instructional labs. The circulation desk will be set up temporarily in the lower level for the duration of the project. Furniture and equipment has been moved out of areas 1 & 2 in preparation for the contractors to start removal. Start date May 19, 2014.
  • Undergraduate Library – painting additional columns on the upper level to match the blue columns in the north portion of the Media Commons. There are a few columns remaining and spot repair and painting in the lower level.
  • Grainger Engineering Library – wood flooring restoration. F&S will start in room 240 (large center space), then room 252 and finish in room 200. Start date May 19, 2014.
  • Grainger Engineering Library – 4th floor window treatment replacement. Moving forward to remove the existing horizontal blinds then install window film.
  • Campus Streets – Surface Replacement Projects – Summer 2014 Please visit the following links for project descriptions and scheduling.
    -Sixth Street from Gregory to Armory will be done in phases to allow the E3 parking lot adjacent to the Main Library to remain open during the project. http://www.fs.illinois.edu/projects/major-campus-street-projects
    -Fourth Street from Kirby to Armory http://www.fs.illinois.edu/projects/major-campus-street-projects/fourth-street
    -Gregory Drive from First to Fourth http://www.fs.illinois.edu/docs/default-source/default-document-library/2014-05-16_gregorystreetphasei.pdf?sfvrsn=0
    -Stadium Drive from Neil to Oak http://www.fs.illinois.edu/projects/major-campus-street-projects/stadium-drive

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FACILITIES: Projects in Completion

  • Main Library – Preservation 425, 425A, 425B, 425C, 427, 429, 437 and 439. Preservation staff have completed their move into their office spaces with final remodeling of labs to follow. F&S will be providing construction services in rooms 425A, 425B and 439 (labs and work rooms).
  • Main Library – Room 106 Renovation The room should be finished by mid summer. It will be a hybrid conference/seminar/limited instruction space. The space is intended to provide flexible arrangements with 8 mobile tables, 35 chairs with casters, 3 – 80” flat panel displays mounted on N. W. & E. walls. Library IT is working with CITES on finalizing the necessary comments for the A/V in the room.

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FACILITIES: BEAP (Building Emergency Action Plan) Update
Please see the PDF below from the May 21, 2014 presentation.

BEAP Update

The requirements for the BEAPS are:

  • An employer must have an emergency action plan in writing, kept in the workplace and available to employees for review. The BEAPs for Library facilities are kept on the wiki and print copied are in the red emergency kits.
  • An employer must have and maintain an employee alarm system. The Library will be using building PA systems where available (Main, Grainger, ACES and UGL), megaphones in certain red emergency kits and we have the Illini Alert system (please sign up your cell phone if you haven’t).
  • An employer must designate and train employees to assist in a safe and orderly evacuation of employees. The Library BEAPs contain the designated employees and there will be one onsite training session (presented by the Director of Campus Emergency Planning – Todd Short) for each building that will be filmed and available to employees that were unable to attend and new incoming employees. Each employee should have one building for their primary work space/office.
  • An employer must review the emergency action plan with each employee covered by the plan. Each departmental library and unit head is responsible for making certain their employees have reviewed the emergency action plan along with new employees.
    -When the plan is developed or the employee is assigned initially to a job
    -When the employee’s responsibilities under the plan change
    -When the plan is changed

This information is obtained from:

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If you would like to submit content for the July 1 issue of Library Office Notes, please submit it to John Wilkin, Sue Searing, Beth Sandore, or Tom Teper by Wednesday, June 25, 2014.