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ANNOUNCEMENTS: University Librarian Note
Check back next month for a new Note from Dean Wilkin.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: ClimateQUAL Update: Focus Groups Coming This Summer
Cindy Ingold, Gender Studies and Multicultural Services Librarian

In my April update, I said that the Library is working with the Center for Training and Professional Development to convene focus groups in late May or early June to delve deeper into the issues raised in ClimateQUAL. After careful thought and discussion with staff from the Center and with Dean Wilkin, we have decided to schedule the focus groups for later this summer. We do want your feedback and suggestions about how to improve the organizational climate, but we want to do this the right way. I know one concern folks have within the Library is that we have so many meetings, searches, and other events going on that at times we do not hear about these events soon enough to plan accordingly. Here is what we have planned for the focus groups. There will be five focus groups: one for faculty, one for academic professionals, one for civil service staff, one for library managers, and an open session to allow folks who could not attend any of the others to give input. The first four focus groups will be held the week of July 25, and the last focus group will be held the following week. The theme of the focus groups will be communication within the Library. Two facilitators from the Center will lead each focus group posing the same set of questions to every group. Questions will be mailed to participants one week before the scheduled focus group. All information gathered in the focus groups will be confidential. The Center will prepare a report based on feedback from the five sessions which will include next steps and recommendations about how we can improve communication within the Library. Please note that the focus groups will not be the only opportunity to provide feedback. Another recommendation that I also hope to work on this summer is to create an anonymous online form where Library personnel can provide feedback at any time about issues or concerns related to the organizational climate. Information about ClimateQUAL at the University Library can be found at http://www.library.illinois.edu/assessment/climatequal. Let me know if you have any questions about the focus groups or about other issues related to the ClimateQUAL survey. I know that Dean Wilkin and the three AULs JoAnn Jacoby, Beth Namachchivaya and Tom Teper are also happy to answer questions.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Centralized Image Repository for Administrative and Marketing Images
A centralized image repository is now available to facilitate collaboration, access, and file management amongst library employees for internal administrative and marketing images. This project is an extension of the University Library’s Flickr account (https://www.flickr.com/photos/illinoislibrary/) where images have previously been hosted, though this new repository uses a Library licensed platform (Shared Shelf) which offers more complete metadata options in order to increase access.

While Shared Shelf is primarily used to manage still images, it also supports video, audio, and document file types.

To gain access to this resource, please contact Sarah Christensen (schrstn@illinois.edu) to get set up.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mortenson Associates Program
The Mortenson Associates Program will run from May 25th – June 21st this year. The group of international librarians will participate in professional development workshops and tours at the University of Illinois, ALA, University of Chicago, OCLC, College of Business’ Subsistence Marketplaces Conference, and Ohio State University, to name a few. Additionally, all are invited to attend a Chai Wai and 25th Anniversary Mortenson Center Event with the Associates, co-sponsored by the International and Area Studies Library, Center for Global Studies and UNESCO Center for Global Citizenship on “Why UNESCO Matters: Libraries & Information for All” on June 6th: 3:00-4:30 in International Studies Building room 101. Here are the 2016 Associates and their library friends:

  1. Godwin Afabende, Cross River State College of Education, Nigeria.
    Library friend: Kirsten Feist
  2. Barbara Chase, University of the West Indies Cave Hill, Barbados.
    Library friend: Karen Hogenboom
  3. Hyunju Kim, National Library of Korea
    Library friends: Patricia Lampron and MJ Han
  4. Nicholas Graham, National Library of Jamaica
    Library friend: Joe Lenkart
  5. Muhammad Tariq, COMSATS Institute of Technology, Pakistan
    Library friend: James Whitacre

For more information about the Chai Wai or Associates Program, contact the Mortenson Center.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Residence Hall Libraries
Gretchen Madsen Webb, Residential Life Librarian
Laura J. Poulosky, Senior Library Specialist

The Urbana Residence Hall Libraries are closed for the summer, while the Ikenberry Commons Library will be open from 10 am to 2 pm starting on Tuesday, May 31st, for the summer.  The Residence Hall Libraries are being consolidated from seven locations to four locations, so staff will be busy working on consolidation over the summer.  The locations which have now been permanently closed, as of the end of the spring semester, are the Busey-Evans, LAR, and PAR Libraries.  The libraries which will re-open with extended hours in the fall are the Allen, FAR, and ISR Libraries in Urbana and the Ikenberry Commons Library in Champaign.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Research and Publication Committee Announces Funding
The Research and Publication Committee (RPC) congratulates five people who were awarded funding in May to support their research and its dissemination:

  • JJ Pionke, for support in her travel to Hong Kong to present her paper on “Sustainable Library Services for All” which will be published in the official conference proceedings of the Academic Librarian 4 conference. This research incorporates data from a previously funded RPC project.
  • Kyle Rimkus, Chris Prom, and Bethany Anderson, for graduate hourly help in conducting their study on “Evaluating Preservation Risk in Born Digital Electronic Records.” This project aims to conduct an evidence-based audit of preservation risk in the library’s most problematic collections of born digital electronic records.
  • Atoma Batoma, for travel to support his project titled “Toward a Pragmatic Framework for African Onomastics: Example of Kabye Proper Names.” As part of this work Atoma will attempt to ascertain the main categories of Kabye names, and the cultural motivations behind the bestowal of names, to contribute to the debate on African proper names and to onomastic science in general.

The Research and Publication Committee (RPC) encourages Library faculty and academic professionals who need support for their research activities to submit an application. There are no deadlines for submission; applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Recognizing Excellence

Please forward elected and invited external service appointments, honors, and awards information to Dan Tracy.
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The most recent meeting minutes of the Content Access Policy & Technology (CAPT) Committee are posted at http://www.library.illinois.edu/committee/capt/.

April Meeting Highlights:

  • Bi-monthly reports given by the following working groups: Electronic Resources, Search, Discovery, and Delivery, and Cataloging and Metadata.
  • Heidi Imker gave a presentation on the Illinois Data Bank Repository.

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HR NEWS: Faculty and AP Searches
Below is a summary of current academic searches as of May 31, 2016 (click on graphic below to enlarge). A more comprehensive listing is sent via LibNews each month.


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HR NEWS: In Memoriam

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IT NEWS: Escape the Main Library Renovations
If you need to escape renovation work in the Main Library this summer, ACES 509 and the Library IT Help Desk loanable technology pool are available to accommodate your needs:

Also, remember to check with your supervisor before relocating to a remote location.
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IT NEWS: Summer Hardware Replacements
All circulation desk workstations will be replaced this summer with a brand new model from HP, the EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini. These are very compact and will be mounted directly to the back of the monitor stands.

We also plan to replace public printers this summer with most of the work performed by student employees.

If you have questions about either loanable technology or hardware replacements please contact the Help Desk.
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FACILITIES: Project Information
Please visit the Office of Library Facilities web page (http://www.library.illinois.edu/administration/facilities/) for project information
(under Facilities–>Project Information).
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If you would like to submit content for the July issue of Library Office Notes, please submit it to John Wilkin, JoAnn JacobyBeth Sandore, or Tom Teper by Friday, June 17, 2016.