April Library Office Notes





ANNOUNCEMENTS: Research Data Service Update
The Library’s Scholarly Commons will soon host the Research Data Service, a suite of services and expertise that will focus on helping researchers manage and provide sustained access to research data. A number of activities are under way as the Library works with several areas of the campus to develop the service. The interviews for the Director of the Research Data Service were completed on February 7, and the search committee is finalizing its search narrative this week.The ad hoc Planning Team, which includes membership from CITES, the Library, NCSA, and the College of Engineering is gathering input on the needs for Tier 2 or “active research data” storage, and finalizing a budget for Years 1 and 2 of the service. The governance for the Research Data Service will take place through the IT Governance Research Committee, with additional representation as needed to represent perspectives across the disciplines. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research intends to make a more detailed campus announcement regarding the service in the coming weeks. For more information, contact Beth Sandore.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Team Assigned to Develop Strategy for Library’s Digital Repositories
Kyle Rimkus, Sarah Shreeves and Bill Ingram are charged with reviewing the Library’s IDEALS and Medusa repositories, and recommending near-term and strategic directions for digital preservation of and access to the materials in these repositories.  As the Preservation Librarian, Kyle is the service lead for the Medusa repository.  Similarly, in her role as the Coordinator for the IDEALS repository and Scholarly Communications, Sarah is the service lead for IDEALS.  Bill Ingram was recently promoted to the role of Repository Manager, and he is responsible for managing the Library’s technical support of both of these services.  The group’s report will be submitted to the University Librarian and AUL’s and will be available for comment some time in March.  This work grew out of recent conversations about digitization and preservation of Library content and campus scholarship.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: LibGuides 2.0 Migration
The University Library is one of the top-producing libraries of LibGuides in the world. Though creating more than 1000 guides is a feat in and of itself, what is more impressive is that these guides were consulted more than a half million times in 2013 alone. LibGuides are truly an important resource for connecting the information expertise we have with the needs of our users.

So, what’s next? Coming this spring/summer is a migration to the LibGuides 2.0 platform. Though the LibGuides platform is regularly upgraded, this migration represents a different sort of change. It brings with it added functionality for content reuse, management, and sharing as well as opportunities for better representing the depth of our library’s content, resources, and services. The downside is that it is truly a system migration. All of our LibGuides will have to be extracted from the previous platform, loaded into the new platform, and then examined for any transition glitches. In addition, new “assets” will need to be populated centrally in LibGuides 2.0 so they can be integrated throughout the guides. Some of these processes will be automated but some will require personal review and checking before the new platform goes live for our users.

We are currently working through the administrative training to understand the new platform and to create documentation and user training materials as well as a timeline for migration and implementation. We are also taking this opportunity to do a thorough review of our local LibGuides policies and best practices. At this point we do not know when Springshare will begin to migrate their customers to the new system so we cannot share specific dates. When we have a set timeline as well as training and office hours established, they will be posted to LIBNEWS-L. In the meantime, please get in touch with Lisa Hinchliffe (ljanicke@illinois.edu) if you have any questions or comments about the migration.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library Now Part of Global Biodiversity Community
The University of Illinois Library has joined the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) as a collaborative member institution. The BHL is an open-access collection of legacy literature in biodiversity. BHL has partnered with the Internet Archive, scanning over 100,000 volumes and tens of thousands of individual titles and has a Flickr stream that highlights many of the beautiful images contained in these works.  BHL also serves as the primary literature component of the Encyclopedia of Life, a website devoted to creating a “page” for every species. BHL’s resource users are vast: including biodiversity researchers, hobbyists, educators and students. BHL seeks to provide the most comprehensive collection of legacy taxonomic literature for botany and zoology and is an important source for taxonomists and systematic biologists. Recently, the BHL has been able to scan some copyrighted materials through relationships with publishers in order to make important documents available worldwide. The BHL has participating academic, museum and national libraries throughout the United States and in Singapore, Australia, Europe and China. As a voting member institution, Illinois will help shape the goals of the BHL as well as contribute scanned materials from our collection to this unique and comprehensive biodiversity database. For more information, contact Kelli Trei.
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HR NEWS: Appointment Changes

Heather Murphy – Effective February 16, 2014, Heather’s appointment has been changed from Assistant Director of Library Advancement to Associate Director of Library Advancement for Publications and Public Affairs.

Jason Quackenbush – Effective February 16, 2014, Jason’s appointment has been changed from Assistant Director of Library Advancement to Associate Director of Advancement for Annual Funds – University Library.
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HR NEWS: Faculty and AP Searches

Below is a summary of current academic searches (click on graphic below to enlarge). A more comprehensive listing is sent via LibNews each month.

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FACILITIES: Projects in Planning

  • Main Library – Room 1 Renovation for Technical Services – CAM will provide new space and furniture for the staff currently located in room 220 Main Library. It will require the move of CMS to room 44 Main Library and the Gift Collection shelving and processing to relocated from room 1. Library Project.
  • Main Library – Room 146 Renovation for University Archives will provide a newly remodeled services point for the unit. This is the implementation of the NSM planning. Library project.
  • Main Library – Stacks Chiller Tower Replacement Facilities & Services will be replacing two existing chiller towers located on the 4th Main Stack Addition roof with two high efficiency units. Projected start date Summer 2014 with the tower replacement taking place at the end of the major cooling season. Facilities and Services project.
  • Main Library – Parking Lot E3 Drainage Study Consultant is reviewing options for resolving the water overflow from the E3 parking lot into the west basement entry and loading dock. Facilities & Services, Campus Parking and Library project.
  • Main Library – Gregory Drive Sidewalk/abandon electric vault cover replacement. Consultant is designing the replacement lid/sidewalk for a section of sidewalk along the south side of the Main Library that has major deterioration. Facilities & Services’ project.
  • Main Library – 1st floor center restroom renovation. The project will renovate both spaces providing one accessible women’s and one accessible men’s restroom on the first floor adjacent to the Marshall Gallery.

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FACILITIES: Projects in Construction

  • Main Library – Phase 2B Masonry Restoration and Window Replacement – North Lightcourt. Mortar grinding will be complete in approximately one week with the new pointing to follow. Window replacement will start after commencement weekend.
  • Main Library – Room 146 renovation in preparation for the University Archives relocation.
  • Undergraduate Library – Upper Level Flooring replacement project. Start date May 19, 2014.
  • Grainger Engineering Library – wood flooring restoration. Start date May 19, 2014.
  • Grainger Engineering Library – 4th floor window treatment replacement.

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FACILITIES: Projects in Completion

  • Main Library – Preservation 425, 425A, 425B, 425C, 427, 429, 437 and 439. Preservation staff are in the process of moving into their office spaces with final remodeling of labs to follow.
  • Main Library – Room 310 and 312 – Research Data Services. The two office spaces have been remodeled and furniture is being acquired for the arrival of the new director of RDS plus two staff members.
  • Main Library – 306 Furniture Reconfiguration – Scholarly Commons. Two areas have been reconfigured for the arrival of the new GIS Specialist.
  • Main Library – Room 200 Lighting project. The fluorescent strip ceiling fixtures were replaced with new pendant mount compact fluorescent fixtures in the locations of the original school house fixtures. Table lamps are to be procured which will have power outlets in the bases.
  • Main Library – Room 106 Renovation The room is almost ready for use. It will be a hybrid conference/seminar/limited instruction space. The space is intended to provide flexible arrangements with 8 mobile tables, 35 chairs with casters, 3 – 80” flat panel displays mounted on N. W. & E. walls.

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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Minrva 2.0.2 Launch Party

Join the Undergraduate Library on Friday, April 4 in the Media Commons to see what’s new with Minrva, the Library’s mobile app! The Minrva Development team will be demonstrating the new and existing features, including:

  • Wayfinder: which can pinpoint the exact location of a book in UGL, ACES, the Music Library and now the Main Stacks.
  • Catalog Search: the new catalog search can search by media type.
  • Course Reserves: which has been updated to include all I-Share libraries

Opportunities to tour the Media Commons Video and Audio studios will also be provided. Demonstrations are in the Media Commons at the Undergraduate Library on Friday, April 4 at 9:30 am, 10:30 am, and 11:30 am.

Minrva was developed here at Illinois and supported by a grant from IMLS, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (www.imls.gov). To learn more about Minrva, visit minrvaproject.org, and come talk with us! To learn more about the Student/Library Collaborative grant visit www.library.illinois.edu/nlg_student_apps.
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Table for One or Two, April 8, 1:30 p.m., 428 Main Library
Frozen meals or takeout every night can be costly, and not always healthy. Learn how to plan inexpensive, healthier meals for one or two people.
Financial Preparedness: Planning for Life Changing Events, April 10, 9:30 a.m., 308 Main Library
When faced with a serious medical situation or death having financial and health care documents in order helps. Learn how you can prepare.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Campus & Community Day of Service
The second annual Community & Campus Day of Service is Saturday, April 5th! All units are encouraged to participate in the Day of Service and there are several ways to do so. Visit https://cuvolunteer.org/DayOfService for more information.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Campus Visit by Roger Schonfeld
(submitted by Lisa Hinchliffe)

Open Session:
Library Strategies: Collections – Discovery – Preservation
Roger Schonfeld, Program Director for Libraries, Users, and Scholarly Practices, Ithaka S+R
April 22, 3:00-4:00, LIS 126

Traditionally charged with building collections, facilitating their discovery, and ensuring their preservation, academic libraries are coming to terms with new roles. Collections, once purchased outright and contained within the library’s walls, are increasingly digital, typically leased or completely open. Discovery has migrated from the locally created catalog to third parties whose scale and services will make it possible to anticipate user needs. Even preservation efforts are refocusing away from local print collections and towards common and digital collections. Beyond adapting staffing and services as appropriate, many libraries will also want to develop a framework that allows them to envision an intentional future for each of these functions. This talk will review some of the trends that have emerged in the areas of collections, discovery, and preservation, to help libraries consider wise strategies – those that are both desirable and realistic – to serve as the basis for service innovation.

Group Meetings:
Roger will also be meeting with a number of library groups while he is on campus. If you have an idea for a group that is not already scheduled, please get in touch with Lisa Hinchliffe (ljanicke@illinois.edu).
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Library-Wide Update

Save the date! Dean John Wilkin will hold a Library-wide update at 2:30 p.m. on May 21 in Room 66. More details forthcoming in the May Library Office Notes.
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If you would like to submit content for the May 1 issue of Library Office Notes, please submit it to John Wilkin, Sue Searing, Beth Sandore, or Tom Teper by Wednesday, April 23, 2014.