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AV Upgrade in Room 126

It’s been a long winter, especially here at GSLIS. We were hit hard with a flood early on that took out one of our main computer labs. However, the community held strong and we couldn’t be more proud of the way everybody stood together during hard times. During these times, we still kept working to read more »

Welcome new students! Meet the Help Desk/ ITD

Hello new GSLIS’ers! In case you haven’t seen our signs, heard our speeches in class, or at orientation, or on Facebook or at the organization fair I thought I’d introduce our department one more time. We are the GSLIS Help Desk and ITD (Instructional Technology and Design). The Help Desk is open from 8-5 Mondays read more »

#teamawesome profile meet Emily Bayci

Name: Emily Bayci Position Title: Graduate Assistant/ Teaching Assistant Year at GSLIS: 2nd year. or 18th grade. It’s however you want to look at it. Favorite food in C-U: C-U food is the reason I spend entirely too much money. Spoon House tacos. Chicken stew from Bombay Indian Grill. Stuffed peppers from Destihl. Fish Sandwiches read more »

#Teamawesome Scavenger Hunt and New GAs!

This week is training week for the new GA’s! We have a new group of wonderful and excited GAs here to assist the GSLIS community with their tech needs. As part of our arduous training schedule, they embarked on a technology scavenger hunt around the GSLIS building and virtually, using many of the resources you read more »

Spring Clean Your Computer (in time for Fall)

All summer we have been plugging away with spring cleaning efforts at the Help Desk (yes, I know it’s not Spring anymore) and I realized, we’re past the days of traditional spring cleaning. Now we have to worry about spring cleaning our computers! You might not think about it much, but cleaning your laptop or read more »

New year, new technology (goals)

For my debut blog post I wanted to make my statement official, “I’m going to blog more!” (or actually blog at all). I even thought about titling this entire year: “The Year of Blogging” but the fact that I’m making this first blog post and it’s almost February kills that idea. I decided to instead read more »