AV Upgrade in Room 126

It’s been a long winter, especially here at GSLIS. We were hit hard with a flood early on that took out one of our main computer labs. However, the community held strong and we couldn’t be more proud of the way everybody stood together during hard times.

During these times, we still kept working to make things better. Recently, we solicited input from many of you regarding the AV setup in room 126.  We received requests for an additional projector, better sound, power in the floor, an additional handheld microphone, etc.

However, by far the request we received most often was for a way to control the various Audio/Video aspects of the room more easily, a more intuitive design.  The IT/ITD staff have been testing a new system for controlling the audio/video system in room 126 called the ‘Kinetix G – 3D Gesture Control System’.

We have put together a short video to demonstrate the new technology and provide some information on how the system works.  Please watch the video below and send any comments, suggestions, or concerns to the GSLIS Help Desk at help@support.lis.illinois.edu. Your feedback is appreciated.

Thank you, and have a great day.
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