Meet the Staff: Fall 2014 Edition – Sierra!

Hello, and welcome to Meet the Staff! Today’s fabulous Help Desk / Office of Instructional Technology and Design employee is Sierra Gregg! She just started at GSLIS as well as the Help Desk this fall, and has already found so many interesting things to learn that she has not been able to pick a concentration just yet. What she does know, however, is that her favorite thing to borrow from the Help Desk is a laptop charger. Commenting from personal experience, Sierra notes, “My laptop always picks the worst times to run out of batteries.” We know the feeling!

The first semester at GSLIS is always an exciting and overwhelming one, and Sierra already knows that it’s going to be a fun and interesting challenge to fit as many classes as possible into such a quick program (“so little time!”) When asked about her favorite class, she mentioned, “Since is my first semester at GSLIS, I am going to reach back into undergrad for an answer. Last Fall, I took a programming languages class. It was interesting to see how different languages evolved overtime. We also got to play with Clojure, which is actually really cool language once you know what you’re doing.”

If Sierra were stranded on a desert island, she would bring the following items with her:

1. My iPod packed with every audiobook I can get my hands on
2. A hammock
3. limitless power supply for my iPod

Additionally! Sierra has traveled to Europe six times, but laughingly says, “Unfortunately, I don’t remember the first three times, because they all happened before I turn four years old.” Stop by the Help Desk to hear more about Sierra’s travels, computer science work, or just to chat about her first semester at GSLIS!

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