Team Awesome Blast from the Past Edition!

It’s another Friday here at GSLIS, which means we have another Team Awesome Blast from the Past post!

Can you guess who this is?

It’s Nicole Wilhelms!

1) What is your name?: Nicole Wilhelms
2) When did you work for Team Awesome?: Jan. 2007-Aug. 2008
3) ITD or Help Desk?: Both
4) What are you up to now?: Readers’ Advisory Librarian at the Downers Grove Public Library. I also am on the steering committee for Adult Reading Round Table (ARRT).
5) How has Team Awesome prepared you for your amazing and awesome life now?: I learned so much about computers and online technology! Also how to be patient when helping people troubleshoot a problem.
6) What is your favorite memory about Team Awesome while you were here?: The time Nav left a picture of David Beckham in an underwear ad for Calvin Klein on the Help Desk computer screen for sexual harassment Tuesdays. Any of the Matt Bethisms.
7) What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while on the job?: Hm. Nothing is coming to mind. I only remember when things went wrong!

Thanks for sharing with us Nicole! Also, this post, unfortunately, is the last submission for the Team Awesome Blast from the Past Edition. So we highly encourage past Team Awesome members to comment on this entry so they can participate and be featured!

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