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OSX Lion Review

Features Much like the move from Leopard to Snow Leopard, it’s hard to see immediate changes from Snow Leopard in Lion (beyond the slightly muted color pallet throughout the OS). However, spend just a few minutes actually using Cupertino’s newest version of OSX, and changes start coming out of the woodwork. Multi-Touch Right from the read more »

What’s the deal with Facebook Timeline?

For those few who aren’t aware, Facebook recently introduced a whole new way of looking at people’s profiles, aptly called “timeline.” Now, people complaining about changes Facebook makes is nothing new, but it seems to me that the reactions for this change have been even more negative than normal. Let me start by talking a read more »

The New Members of #teamawesome : Adam M.

A D A M   M. This is Adam. He’s in his 2nd semester at GSLIS and wants to be an academic librarian! He runs a couple of LEEP classes and spends most of his work time at the Help Desk. “My favorite TV show is Judge Judy and I have a kitten named Foot read more »

The New Members of #teamawesome : Kelsey B.

  K  E  L  S  E  Y     B. This is Kelsey B.’s first semester at GSLIS and she wants to be a teen librarian when she grows up. She introduced me to my new favorite book, Divergent; I think we’ll keep her around. “I love traveling and really want to go back to read more »

The New Members of #teamawesome : Julianne

Joining Stacey, Miles, Ben and Michelle are eight (!) brand new members to #teamawesome! I’ll be featuring 1-2 new GAs at a time over the next few weeks; let’s learn a little more about them, shall we?   J U L I A N N E Julianne just started her first semester at GSLIS. Her read more »

Some words on Google+, Gmail forwarding, other miscellany

Over the past few weeks, Google has rolled out some new services and updated some existing ones. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Google+ and the new Google layout tweaks, as well as the option of UIUC Gmail forwarding. Gmail forwarding While incoming undergrads are set up with Illinois Gmail accounts, students in read more »

Time to Say Goodbye

Today is my last day at the Help Desk… I have officially wrapped up all my classes. I am done with the GSLIS program. I am moving on to a bigger (but not necessarily better) place. People have been congratulating me ever since I landed my “real” job. “You can start your real life now read more »

“New” ITD/Help Desk GAs!

So technically, these wonderful people aren’t new, I (Hannah) was just forgetful (and okay, a bit lazy) about getting their bios. Better late than never right? 1) Name: Michelle Bourgeois 2) Year in GSLIS and Program (IE: 1st year Master’s): 2nd year Master’s 3) Are you an ITD or Help Desk GA/Full time?: ITD and read more »

Additional Software Options for Students, Part 2

This is part 2 of additional software options for students. Once again, if you would like a program added to the list, please leave a comment! Audio Editors: Have some audio files you want to edit? Maybe you’d like to do a few book talks to post to your online portfolio. Aviary is a browser-based read more »

Additional Software Options for Students, Part 1

Many of the services listed are either free, have free versions with lower capacities/less features, or low cost to GSLIS students. Some, like Omnigraffle, are the Mac equivalent of a Windows program. It’s also always worth checking what is available on the UIUC software webstore. If you see anything you’d like to vouch for and read more »