Announced on the World Wide Web Consortium’s website at the beginning of July, the working group for XHTML 2 is scheduled to stop working on the project by the end of 2009. Resources be used to focus more on HTML 5. They also have a FAQ section up on the topic.

Firefox 3.5 is set to support HTML 5, including the audio and video elements. For those who use Safari 4, you can check out Wired’s article on Safari 4’s HMTL 5 support. The Apple “What is Safari” page also has some information if you scroll down.

Internet Explorer 8 and below, Firefox 2, and Camino 1 do not fully support HTML 5 (and it seems as though IE 8 supports events that are not part of HTML 5). This website offers some workarounds for the three browsers mentioned.

For those of you who’d like to follow some of the news in blog format, the WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) has their own blog with links to validators, hints on ways to use the new elements, and additional workarounds for browsers that don’t play nice with the latest standards.

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