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Announced on the World Wide Web Consortium’s website at the beginning of July, the working group for XHTML 2 is scheduled to stop working on the project by the end of 2009. Resources be used to focus more on HTML 5. They also have a FAQ section up on the topic. Firefox 3.5 is set read more »

Word of the Week

Chrome (or browser chrome – not to be confused with Google’s browser, Chrome) refers to the screen real-estate consumed by a computer’s operating system and browser components (menu bars, scroll bars, add-ons, etc.). When combined with the canvas, or the amount of space that is actually available to display a web-page, the full screen is read more »

Website of the Week

Showcasing some inspirational designs is this week’s Website of the Week: css Zen Garden. The aim of the website is to promote CSS to graphic designers. You can look up past designs and see the versatility of using stylesheets. The css Zen Garden also has a Resource Guide with links to CSS-related sites. CSS for read more »