Time to Say Goodbye

Today is my last day at the Help Desk…

I have officially wrapped up all my classes. I am done with the GSLIS program. I am moving on to a bigger (but not necessarily better) place.

People have been congratulating me ever since I landed my “real” job. “You can start your real life now – a real, professional job.” they say. But what about this job, here at the Help Desk? Isn’t this a real job?

To me, it is one of the best jobs in the entire world. This is a “real” job. One of the best, “real” jobs I’ve ever had – in my entire life.

I have been working since high school at various places: the typical retail store, a non-profit community organization, a newspaper, at a middle school (as a tutor), academic library, microprocessor company, and more. Yes, I have done a lot. I have had a lot of jobs.

But this… this is special. The Help Desk is special. GSLIS is special. Because the people are special.

I have never met people this warm and genuine. Remember this? Yeah, #teamawesome (and GSLIS in general) are not those people. That lady was definitely in the wrong department. I swear, #teamawesome is made out of sunshine and rainbows. I bet they came from unicorns or something.

So now, it is time to say goodbye. And I will sorely miss the Help Desk and ITD. I am glad this was the place that even gave me an interview, and I am extremely thankful to have been part of #team awesome.

Slow loris out.



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