Ninja Frog DS game booms local economy–from ITD Onion Weekly News

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Tuesday October 6, 12:44 PM— The newly released DS game Ninja Frog by GSLIS ITD and Help Desk has boomed the local game market. During the past weekend, thousands of Ninja Frog products has been sold by local stores and “There are two kinds of people in the world, those who plays Ninja Frog and those do not. ” Salesman at Best Buy said.

“It really trained my brain! ” An experienced video gamer said, “I spent a whole night with the ‘printer monster’ one. ” She thinks that the biggest highlight of this game is that it teaches people real life surviving skills. By learning how to deal with crashed printers, how to use scanner, and how to be a successful Elluminate presenter, it definitely helps her in her career much better than “Cooking Mama 2” does.

“On average,everyday we receive 500 phone calls and 1000 tickets about solving the puzzles in the game, ” GSLIS ITD and HD spokeman said, “It’s going to be a busy fall. We welcome all players who has tackled the first 50 basic puzzles to volunteer. All the volunteers will have the opportunity to learn the tricks about higher level puzzles at work.  ”

By the way, the frog image is a  traditional icon for GSLIS ITD and HD. It means LEEP (Library Education Experimental Program).

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