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Not many people know that you can use Elluminate Vrooms by signing up for a free account at learncentral.org. The only catch is that you can only have a maximum of three people in each Vroom.  Still, GSLISers might want to take advantage of these Vrooms if you prefer this method of collaboration.  All the features of Elluminate are available like Webtour, Application Sharing, and the Whiteboard.  Groups or individuals might also want to practice doing presentations to prepare for their LEEP classes.

Elluminate is still fairly new here at GSLIS and some of the  more advanced features offered in Elluminate go unexplored, so you might  want to get together with a couple of classmates and play around with the software.  Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to set up a Vroom.

  • People wanting to join your Vroom don’t need an account at learncentral.org, but you might want to sign up for an account anyway because it’s free.
  • Users must have Java updated:  first time users of Elluminate can go here to check to see if their computer is ready to use Elluminate.
  • After Logging into Learn Central, the link to create a Vroom and invite others is on the left.
  • Only the moderator can upload Powerpoint presentations to the whiteboard.   The little folder icon next to the whiteboard will let you browse your file system for a Powerpoint presentation to upload.
  • We’re always interested in hearing what people think about their Elluminate experience, so be sure to sound off in the comments!
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