Monthly Archives: May 2009

Word of the Week

tagging: the act of attaching keyword descriptions, or tags, to identify images, text, bookmarks (and more) within a web site as categories or topics This blog uses tags, which you can see by looking below each entry. some related terms: cooperative cataloging, folksonomy, metadata, social bookmarking, social cataloging, social tagging, tag clouds examples of websites read more »

Website of the Week

Digital Inspiration: tech a la carte is a great blog to find out about new and interesting online applications, websites, hardware, etc. The posts are interesting and provide explanations for how to accomplish things such as how to connect a Windows machine to a Mac, how to create a map showing the locations of all read more »

Mac Antivirus

More and more, Mac users need to be aware of viruses and malware targeted at Macs. It used to be the case that Mac users didn’t have to worry as much because it tended to be Windows machines that were targeted. Today, anyone connected to the internet needs to be aware of the threat of read more »

This Week in Technology History…

1 May 1978: First Spam message sent and received. According to, “the first spam email was sent on May 1, 1978 by a DEC marketing representative to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the United States.” The US is the largest contributor, responsible for 28.4% of the world’s Spam, according to Wikipedia. read more »