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What’s the deal with Facebook Timeline?

For those few who aren’t aware, Facebook recently introduced a whole new way of looking at people’s profiles, aptly called “timeline.” Now, people complaining about changes Facebook makes is nothing new, but it seems to me that the reactions for this change have been even more negative than normal. Let me start by talking a read more »

Is Social Bookmarking Site Delicious Shutting Down?

According to the Delicious Blog, the social bookmarking service is not shutting down but looking for a new home “outside of the company where it can be resourced to the level where it can be competitive.”  There has been a lot of chatter about what users should do with their delicious bookmarks as well as read more »

Upcoming Workshops

Near the end of LEEP On Campus, Adam and Dan kicked off our Web 2.0 workshop series with their intro to Blogs and RSS Feeds workshop. They might be offering it again later this summer, if folks are interested! Next week Laks and I will be doing a workshop on Social Tagging, Bookmarking and Cataloging. read more »

Word of the Week

We’ve taken a hiatus on “Words of the Week” (which actually tend to be phrases or acronyms or concepts), but why not start it up again for summer? cloud computing Cloud computing: has resources and information that are made available on-demand relies on sharing resources by networking large groups of servers to spread the work read more »

ITD Google Reader and Blogging Workshop

Last night Adam and I hosted a Google Reader/Blogging workshop in the Elluminate Meeting Room.  For my portion of the demonstration I talked about how users can personalize Google Reader to aggregate  blogs and news feeds in order to keep organized and share them with friends and Gmail contacts. You can view the slides from read more »

Word of the Week

API (Application Programming Interface).   An API is simply defined as an interface that allows software interaction.  It achieves this through defining the vocabulary and calling conventions necessary for the communication. Web APIs provide a basis for mash-up technology, utilized in many Web 2.0 applications.  To learn more about this term, see PC Magazine’s article read more »

Word of the Week

AJAX is an acronym for “asynchronous JavaScript and XML.”  It is comprised of a number of technologies, including: XHTML and CSS The DOM (Documents Object Model) accessed with JavaScript, which according to Bruce Sterling is “the duct tape of the Web.”  (see http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond/2009/03/what-bruce-ster/) An asynchronous exchange of data between the server and the client, made read more »

Word of the Week

tagging: the act of attaching keyword descriptions, or tags, to identify images, text, bookmarks (and more) within a web site as categories or topics This blog uses tags, which you can see by looking below each entry. some related terms: cooperative cataloging, folksonomy, metadata, social bookmarking, social cataloging, social tagging, tag clouds examples of websites read more »