Welcome to the online home of the Fahnestock Research Group within CEE at Illinois.  Led by Prof. Larry Fahnestock, and collaborating with colleagues at Illinois and other universities, the group conducts research broadly related to behavior, design and performance of large-scale structural systems.  We employ laboratory and field testing in conjunction with analytical and numerical models to illuminate critical aspects of behavior that inform advances in system configurations and design methods, ultimately leading to superior performance that contributes to infrastructure resiliency and sustainability.  Research topics span across buildings and bridges, moderate and high seismic design, low and high ductility response, service and extreme load conditions.  Current projects are sponsored by the National Science Foundation, American Institute of Steel Construction, Illinois Center for Transportation and Illinois Tollway.  This site provides a brief overview of the group activities, so please inquire for more details about anything posted here.

Schissler Receives MS and Enters PhD Program

Congratulations to Limo Schissler on completing an MS thesis entitled “Laser scan point cloud processing for displacement measurements of damaged steel I-girders” and receiving an MS in Civil Engineering last month!  Limo is a Lewis Graduate Fellow in structural engineering and is conducting research – under the direction of Ahmed Elbanna, Larry Fahnestock and Jim LaFave – as part of a project supported by the Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT R27-225 “Strength and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Girders”).

Larry Fahnestock, Limo Schissler and Jim LaFave at CEE Graduation Reception.

ASCE JBE Editor’s Choice

Two recent papers in Volume 29 of the ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering are featured in the Editor’s Choice Collection:

Congratulations to Gaoyu Liu and Sunny Zhou for this recognition of contributions from their Ph.D. research!

Ibrahim Passes Prelim

Congratulations to Ahmed Ibrahim on passing the Ph.D. preliminary exam!  Ahmed’s primary advisor is Professor Elbanna, and he is co-advised by Professors Fahnestock and LaFave, working on a collaborative research project “Strength and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Girders,” sponsored by the Illinois Center for Transportation. Ahmed is focusing on evaluation of steel bridge I-girders damaged due to over-height vehicle strikes using numerical simulations and machine learning.

Dorado Passes Prelim

Congratulations to Ricardo Dorado on passing the Ph.D. preliminary exam!  Ricardo is co-advised by Professors Fahnestock and LaFave and is studying the influence of skew and integral construction on load distribution in steel I-girder bridges as part of a project sponsored by the Illinois Center for Transportation.

Ricardo Dorado presents Ph.D. research proposal.

Schissler Passes QE

Congratulations to Lauren Schissler for passing the Structures Ph.D. Qualifying Exam! Lauren is an M.S. candidate and Lewis Graduate Fellow working on a collaborative research project (“Strength and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Girders,” sponsored by the Illinois Center for Transportation) with Professors Elbanna, Fahnestock and LaFave. After completing the M.S. this spring, Lauren will be admitted into candidacy as a Ph.D. student.

AISC Internships – Summer 2024

AISC is now accepting applications from students enrolled in structural, architectural, or civil engineering programs for a full-time paid summer internship at AISC’s headquarters in downtown Chicago. AISC interns support both the AISC Engineering and Research Department and the Education Department in developing technical resources for structural steel design and education.

Qualified applicants:

  • Will be enrolled in either a master’s degree curriculum or at least the third year of a Bachelor of Science curriculum.
  • Will have completed at least one course in structural steel design.
  • Should be planning to continue with their education full-time in Fall 2024.
  • Are authorized to work in the United States.

Interested students can learn more about the position and application process here. Any questions can be directed to hr@aisc.org.