2009-2014 Seismic Design in the East: Balancing Strength, Ductility and Reserve Capacity (AISC) PI: Fahnestock

2009-2012 Innovative Self-Centering Braces for Advanced Seismic Performance (NSF) PI: Fahnestock, Collaborator: Eatherton (Virginia Tech)

2009-2013 Calibration and Refinement of Illinois’ Earthquake Resisting System Bridge Design Methodology (ICT) PI: LaFave, Co-PI: Fahnestock, Hajjar (Northeastern)

2008-2014 NEESR-SG: Smart and Resilient Steel Walls for Reducing Earthquake Impacts (NSF, AISC) PI: Berman (Washington), Co-PI: Bruneau (Buffalo), Fahnestock, Lowes (Washington)

2009-2013 NEESR-CR: Hybrid Masonry Seismic Structural Systems (NSF, AISC) PI: Abrams, Co-PI: Biggs, Fahnestock, Robertson (Hawaii), Stanciulescu (Rice)

2010-2014 Collaborative Research: Structural Integrity of Steel Gravity Framing Systems (NSF, AISC) PI: Fahnestock, Collaborators: Berman (Washington), Liu (Purdue)

2010-2013 Structural Logic: Tailoring stiffness and damping of large scale structures via passive nonlinear targeted energy transfer (DARPA) PI: Bergman, Co-PI: Fahnestock, Quinn (Akron), Spencer, Vakakis

2011-2014 Improved Bolted Connections for Special Trackwork (AAR) PI: Fahnestock

2012-2016 Three-Dimensional Finite Element Simulation of the Seismic Behavior and Performance of Multitier Braced Frames (AISC) PI: Stoakes (Iowa), Co-PI: Fahnestock, Collaborator: Tremblay (Polytechnique Montreal)

2012-2017 Analysis of Superstructures of Integral Abutment Bridges (ICT, ISTHA) PI: LaFave, Co-PI: Fahnestock

2012-2017 NEESR: Reserve Capacity in New and Existing Low-Ductility Steel Braced Frames (NSF, AISC) PI: Fahnestock, Co-PI: Hines (Tufts), Collaborator: Tremblay (Polytechnique Montreal)

2013-2017 Calibration and Refinement of Illinois’ Earthquake Resisting System Bridge Design Methodology: Phase II (ICT) PI: LaFave, Co-PI: Fahnestock

2016-2021 Investigation of Approach Slab Construction and Evaluation of Modular Approach Slab Designs (ISTHA) PI: Fahnestock, Co-PI: LaFave

2017-2024 Seismic Design and Performance of Multi-Tiered Ordinary Concentrically Braced Frames (AISC) PI: Fahnestock

2018-2024 Seismic Stability Design of Steel Frames, (AISC) PI: Fahnestock

2018-2025 Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Load Distribution in Steel Bridge Superstructures, (ICT) PI: Fahnestock, Co-PI: LaFave

2019-2025 Collaborative Research: Frame-Spine System with Force-Limiting Connections for Low-Damage Seismic-Resilient Buildings (NSF, AISC) PI: Fahnestock, Collaborators: Ricles and Sause (Lehigh), Simpson (Oregon State)

2020-2025 Strength and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Girders, (ICT) PI: Fahnestock, Co-PI: Elbanna, LaFave

2022-2025 BRITE Synergy: Holistic Framework for Structural Stability Design of Buildings (NSF) PI: Fahnestock

2024-2026 Seismic Damping Effects on Bridges, (ICT) PI: LaFave, Co-PI: Fahnestock

2024-2027 Estimation of the Load Rating of Existing Highway Bridges Based on Bridge Weigh-In-Motion Data , (ICT) Co-PI: Fahnestock, PI: Alipour