New Papers on Bridge Quasi-Isolation

Two paper were recently published on seismic behavior and performance of quasi-isolated bridges:

  • Filipov, E.T., Fahnestock, L.A., Steelman, J.S., LaFave, J.M., Hajjar, J.F. and Foutch, D.A. “Evaluation of Quasi-Isolated Seismic Bridge Behavior using Nonlinear Bearing Models,” Engineering Structures, 49 (2013) 168-181.
  • Filipov, E.T., Revell, J.R., Fahnestock, L.A., LaFave, J.M., Hajjar, J.F., Foutch, D.A. and Steelman, J.S. “Seismic Performance of Highway Bridges with Fusing Bearing Components for Quasi-Isolation,” Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 42 (9): 1375-1394, (2013).

The work described in these papers is part of the project Calibration and Refinement of Illinois’ Earthquake Resisting System Bridge Design Methodology, which is sponsored by the Illinois Center for Transportation.