Papers on Low-Ductility Braced Frames

Two new papers on seismic behavior of low-ductility braced frames are now available in the “Just Released” online section of the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering:

Bradley, C.R., Fahnestock, L.A., Hines, E.M. and Sizemore, J.G. “Full-Scale Cyclic Testing of Low-Ductility Concentrically-Braced Frames,” Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE.

Sizemore, J.G., Fahnestock, L.A., Hines, E.M. and Bradley, C.R. “Parametric Study of Low-Ductility Concentrically-Braced Frames under Cyclic Static Loading,” Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE.

Fahnestock Receives Dean’s Award

Larry Fahnestock has received one of the 2017 Dean’s Awards for Excellence in Research. The College of Engineering presents this award annually to the assistant professors and associate professors who have been judged by their colleagues to have conducted the best research during the previous academic year(s).  The award will be formally conferred at the Engineering Faculty Awards Ceremony on April 24, 2017.

Nepal Post-Earthquake Field Report Published

Following the April 25, 2015 Gorkha (Nepal) Earthquake (M7.8) and its related aftershocks, Youssef Hashash and Larry Fahnestock were sponsored by a CEE Rapid
Response Grant to conduct field reconnaissance related to geotechnical and structural response.  A new Newmark Structural Engineering Laboratory Report summarizes their observations and can be accessed online through IDEALS:

Fahnestock, L.A. and Hashash, Y.M.A. “Structural and Geotechnical Observations after the April 25, 2015 M7.8 Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake and its Aftershocks,” Newmark Structural Engineering Report Series, No. 46, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, December 2016.