Paper on Bolted Angle Connections

A new paper, which documents an extensive experimental program that was conducted to characterize the nonlinear response of bolted steel angles, is now available online:

Beland, T., Bradley, C.R., Nelson, J., Sizemore, J.G., Davaran, A., Tremblay, R., Hines, E.M. and Fahnestock, L.A. “Experimental parametric characterization of bolted angle connection behavior,” Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, August 2020, 146 (8): 04020160.

Beland Defends Dissertation

Congratulations to Thierry Beland for successfully defending his PhD dissertation at Polytechnique Montreal in December!  Thierry’s research, “Improving the Seismic Robustness of Conventional Construction Concentrically Braced Steel Frames by Mobilizing the Gravity Load Framing System,” was conducted under the direction of Robert Tremblay (supervisor) and Larry Fahnestock (co-supervisor).  As part of his graduate studies, Thierry was a visiting researcher at the University of Illinois in 2015.  Thierry is currently working as a structural engineer for WSP.

Fahnestock and Tao attend NHERI-NIED/E-Defense Meeting

Larry Fahnestock and Zhuoqi Tao attended the 3rd NHERI-NIED/E-Defense Research Collaboration Meeting in Miki, Japan, along with collaborators from Lehigh University and Oregon State University.  The research team for the new NSF-funded project “Frame-Spine System with Force-Limiting Connections for Low-Damage Seismic Resilient Buildings” observed shake table testing of a reinforced concrete building, participated in discussions with researchers from other projects and planned for shake table testing that will be conducted at E-Defense in 2020.

Meeting participants at E-Defense.

Agarwal Passes Prelim

Congratulations to Aradhana Agarwal on passing her PhD preliminary exam!  Aradhana is studying seismic behavior, design and performance of multi-tiered braced frames as part of a project sponsored by AISC.  Best wishes to Aradhana as she continues her research!