Improvements in Classical Music Library tool

{From the folks at Alexander Street Press}
The new release of Classical Music Library includes new features and updates in addition to a new interface. Users can now browse all classical works by album and find associated recordings using the new Album Browse feature.

There is also updated playlist functionality, which makes it easier to create rich playlists. Individual items in a playlist can now be annotated, and links to any item, whether available in our collection or elsewhere on the Web, can easily be added. Enhance your playlist of audio tracks with reference passages, scores, external Web links, and text from a variety of sources. And sharing playlists has never been easier. Gone are the days of requesting Course Folder privileges for music professors. Now users can decide whether or not to share a personal playlist with other users at their institution, or with anyone who subscribes to Classical Music Library.

Based on user feedback, we’ve also improved our Advanced Search. It is now possible to limit search results to recordings where the complete work is available. And as always, we are continually working to license more content for Classical Music Library.

All other functionality and content has been migrated from the old interface, including all user accounts, playlists, and course folders. Please note that your course folders will now appear as playlists shared within your institution, and you have the option of sharing them with all Classical Music Library subscribers.