Printing from WorldCat

To print out an individual record for an item with the full description from WorldCat, follow these steps. Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

1. To the right of the title of the individual record you want to print, click on the Sharing and Permalink drop down menu (see image below with orange circle).

2. In the Sharing/Permalink drop down menu, click on Record link (see orange arrow):


This will open a window with a link for the individual record.WCPrint2

3. Paste this URL link into a new browser tab or window. This will open the detailed WorldCat record for that item.

4. Click on the “Description” section of the detailed record (so the detailed information is showing):


5. Finally, once you have the full description displaying, press Ctrl “P” and this will  print the detailed record with the pertinent info: title, author, edition, publisher, ISBN, OCLC Number, etc.