Music Library name change

Did you hear the one about the musician, the dancer, and the actor? No? Me neither, I was just trying to think of a catchy way to let you know that the Music Library has recently been renamed the Music and Performing Arts Library. This change reflects that our holdings now include Theatre materials as well and Music and Dance. Our new website, which will more accurately reflect our new collections will be released later this summer.

YouTube and Research

It comes as no surprise that students use YouTube for fun and for research, because it’s easy to use and has a lot of content. Respected music writer Norman Lebrecht writes about how he too has been pulled into YouTube.

While he’s writing about music specifically, there is also a lot of dance content. Looking for a demonstration of how a dance move goes (especially popular dance)? Try searching YouTube. Theatre researchers can also use YouTube to their benefit. Of course, as with any tool, you have to evaluate what you find here critically. But, YouTube can be very useful.

How YouTube shrank the classical world
By Norman Lebrecht / June 25, 2008
the Lebrecht Weekly in LaScena Musicale