Ethnographic Research on Dual Immersion Program Supports Bi/multilingual Education

Anna Mendoza (Linguistics) held a 2023 HRI Summer Faculty Fellowship, during which she worked with a school community liaison who speaks Lingala, French, and English to interview a representative sample of dual immersion parents—about 30 of the approximately 70 families. Through bottom-up thematic coding, she investigated parents’ reasons for enrolling their children in the program, […]

Multilingual Arts in the Mediterranean: From the Medieval to Today

Eric Calderwood (Comparative and World Literature) held a 2023 HRI Summer Faculty Fellowship, during which he conducted fieldwork in Morocco and Spain for a new book project on the aesthetics and politics of multilingual art forms. Learn more about HRI’s Summer Faculty Fellowships, which provide an infusion of resources designed to jumpstart or fuel an ongoing research […]

Research Remixes Sound Studies x Black Girlhood

Blair Ebony Smith (Art Education, Gender & Women’s Studies) was a 2023 HRI Summer Faculty Fellow. Smith used the fellowship funding to support a research trip to Richmond, Virginia. Learn more about HRI’s Summer Faculty Fellowships, which are designed to help faculty at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign maximize the summer in service of their ongoing […]

Planning Research Maps and Reconstructs Erased Places and Concealed Histories

Magdalena Novoa E. (Department of Urban & Regional Planning) is a 2021 HRI Summer Faculty Research Fellow. Novoa used the summer fellowship to collaborate with the Agrupación de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos de Mulchén (Association of Relatives of Detained and Dissappeared of Mulchen) in the Region of Araucanía in southern Chile, as well as local […]