Ethnographic Research on Dual Immersion Program Supports Bi/multilingual Education

Anna Mendoza (Linguistics) held a 2023 HRI Summer Faculty Fellowship, during which she worked with a school community liaison who speaks Lingala, French, and English to interview a representative sample of dual immersion parents—about 30 of the approximately 70 families. Through bottom-up thematic coding, she investigated parents’ reasons for enrolling their children in the program, […]

Education Policy Research Analyzes Divisive Ideologies Shaping U.S. K12 Curricula

Jon Hale (Education Policy, Organization and Leadership/Curriculum & Instruction) is a 2023–2024 HRI Faculty Fellow. Hale’s research, “I Pledge Allegiance: A History of Racist Ideas, Textbooks, and Teaching in the United States School System” provides critical historical analysis of recent efforts to control the curriculum in schools. This project builds upon the historiography around the […]