Interseminars Spotlight: Nathalie Sofia Martinez

Nathalie Sofia Martinez (Anthropology) is a member of the 23–24 graduate cohort for “Improvise and Intervene,” the second Interseminars project funded by the Mellon Foundation. She shares some insights about her experiences with Interseminars below—in a creative format following the spirit of the project’s theme. How has your understanding of “improvisational practice” evolved over the […]

Spatial, Queer, and Temporal Analyses of the Borderland Experience

Miguel A. Avalos (Sociology) is a 2023–2024 HRI Graduate Fellow. Avalos’s interdisciplinary dissertation project, “Limitrophic Dwelling: Home, Temporal Sequestration, and the U.S.- Mexico Border Regime,” explores the unintended consequences of transborder commuting or the practice of frequently traveling between a Mexican and U.S. border city. Learn more about HRI’s Campus Fellowship Program, which supports a cohort of […]

Movie Fan Culture and the Expansion of Literary Genres in Early 20th Century Spain

Anna Torres-Cacoullos (Spanish and Portuguese) is a 2023–2024 HRI Faculty Fellow. Torres-Cacoullos’ book project, “Writing for New Literacies: Moving-Image Storytelling and Film Culture in Silver Age Spain” is a study of these experimental practices of literary-cinematographic writing, where authors converted motion pictures into a methodological tool to explore fusing literature and film. Learn more about HRI’s […]