Exploring the Representation of Time in Stories about Capitalism

Eleanor Courtemanche (English) is a 2021-2022 HRI Faculty Fellow. Courtemanche’s project, “Fragile Capitalism: The Long Afterlife of Victorian Crisis,” consists of two parts: a re-reading of fin-de-si├Ęcle utopian and socialist thought in Britain and the United States, and a reconsideration of the fate of Victorian liberalism in the late 20th century, when it returned as […]

Art History Research Illustrates Paradox in Singular Viewpoint

Anne Burkus-Chasson (Art History) is a 2021-2022 HRI Faculty Fellow. Burkus-Chasson’s project, “The Oddity of Chen Hongshou: A Telling Sign of Seventeenth Century China?,” examines painter and print designer Chen Hongshou’s engagement with the late Ming media revolution as a source of the oddity his contemporaries perceived in his work. Rather than delineate a crisis, […]