Materiality and Meaning: Book Construction and 19th Century Representations of Gender, Race

Kadin Henningsen (English) is a 2022–2023 HRI Campus Graduate Student Fellow. Henningsen’s project, “Biblionormativity and Trans* Capacity: Gender, Race, and the Material Book in Nineteenth Century America, 1840–1910,” theorizes trans* capacity (the potential for making visible the mutability and multiplicity of gender) by mapping the development of aesthetic and material norms of the book (e.g., […]

Research Rethinks Urban Autonomy for Latinx Women, Femme Creatives

Jessennya Hernandez (Sociology) is a 2022–2023 HRI Campus Graduate Student Fellow. Hernandez’s project, “Mycorrhizal Assemblages: Everyday Latinx Strategies and Embodied Feminist Knowledge,” examines the everyday lives of working-class queer immigrant Latinx women and femme political-creatives living in greater Los Angeles. Learn more about HRI’s Campus Fellowship Program, which supports a cohort of faculty and graduate students […]