Queer Futurity Re-Theorized to Account for Climate Change

Erin Grogan is a PhD candidate in English and a 2021–2022 HRI Graduate Student Fellow. In the post below, they share a glimpse into their fellowship research project, “Queer Futurity and Toxic Temporalities in the Anthropocene.” As a field, queer theory has long been preoccupied with questions of time and the future. Some theorists argue […]

Planning Research Maps and Reconstructs Erased Places and Concealed Histories

Magdalena Novoa E. (Department of Urban & Regional Planning) is a 2021 HRI Summer Faculty Research Fellow. Novoa used the summer fellowship to collaborate with the Agrupación de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos de Mulchén (Association of Relatives of Detained and Dissappeared of Mulchen) in the Region of Araucanía in southern Chile, as well as local […]