Fellowship Supports Research at Intersection of Anthropology, Memory Studies, and Trans Studies

Dilara Çalişkan (Anthropology) is a 2022–2023 HRI Campus Graduate Student Fellow. Çalişkan’s research, “World and Kin Making: Family, Time and Memory among Trans Mothers and Daughters in Turkey” is an ethnographic exploration of how trans women who do sex work in Istanbul creatively compose spaces of relatedness through mother and daughter relationships to challenge social […]

Ethnographic Research on Peacemaking Practices Identifies Persisting Gender Violence In El Salvador

R. Elizabeth (Eli) Velásquez Estrada (Latina/Latino Studies) is a 2022–2023 HRI Campus Faculty Fellow. Velásquez Estrada’s book in progress, tentatively titled Intersectional Justice Denied: Negative Peace and Persisting Violence in Post-Peace Accords El Salvador, draws on intersectional feminist theory to examine the central paradoxes of El Salvador’s post-war peacemaking practices. Incorporating ethnographic research with male […]