Inaugural Interseminars Cohort Launches with Summer Intensive

What can innovation in arts and humanities research look like? Interdisciplinary graduate training and collaboration. The inaugural cohort of the Interseminars Initiative, funded by the Mellon Foundation, met for a multi-day intensive to present about their scholarship, framework and understanding of “speculative practice” as they plan a new course together for spring 2023.

The 2022–23 Interseminars Cohort “Imagining Otherwise: Speculation in the Americas” includes graduate students Kofi Bazzell-Smith, D. Nicole Campbell, Daniela Morales Fredes, Adanya Gilmore, Beatriz Jiménez, Ray Martinez, Emerson Parker Pehl, María B. Serrano-Abreu, and Toyosi Tejumade-Morgan. The faculty conveners are Josue David Cisneros, Patrick Earl Hammie, and Jorge Lucero.

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