Make a Request

To ensure the most efficient management of the many types of requests we receive, we have a few specific intake methods. Please review your options below, and make your request accordingly. Note that detailed requests, made with as much advance notice as possible, almost always lead to a smoother process and higher-quality deliverables.

  • If you need to make a change on the current AHS website, want to learn more about how to create a research/lab site on Publish, or have a graphic design/communications/marketing project request, please place your ticket request here.*
  • If you have a story idea you want to pitch for the website, social media, newsletter, Dean’s List, or elsewhere, please submit it here
  • Need to consult with us about something that does NOT fit the above criteria? Email us here with the details.

The Marcom team looks forward to working with you on your marketing/communications projects.

*Please note that Marcom responds to tickets in the order in which they’re received. If it’s urgent, please mention that in your request, and please propose a deadline for completion.

**Even if you think Marcom knows about your project because it happens every year or semester, please make a formal request.

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