Marketing & Communications

Who We Are

AHS’ marketing and communications (Marcom) team is:

Lisa Bralts – Assistant Dean for Marketing and Communications
Vincent Lara-Cinisomo – Assistant Director of Communications
Ethan Simmons – Communications Specialist
Amy Simpson – Marketing Coordinator

Part-time staff and student interns:
Anna Flanagan – Writer/special projects
Isaac Haizel – AHS website content/PIE site grad hourly (through summer 2024)
Sam Rink – Communications intern (through summer 2024)
Darina Lubenov – Communications intern (through summer 2024)

Our offices are located on the east end of the 3rd floor of the Armory.

What We Do

Marcom handles the college’s website, college social media accounts, digital advertising and signage, media relations, college and department email newsletters (including The Dean’s List, AHS’ bi-weekly internal newsletter), graphic design/branding support for departments and units in addition to the college, collateral design and production, a yearly print publication, and much more.

Our goals center around amplifying the incredible depth, breadth, and importance of the work being done by AHS faculty and students.

Help Us Help You

Are you a faculty member with professional social media accounts? Please fill out this form so we can add your handles and links to our database.

Learn everything you need to know about making Marcom-related requests (website, graphic design, story pitches, etc) here.

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