AHS Publish/PIE Website Guidelines

Want to create a website for your lab or research initiative? The University of Illinois provides Publish.Illinois.Edu (PIE) as a free, Illinois-themed WordPress website platform available for use by anyone with a U of I netid. AHS Marcom highly recommends utilizing PIE for these purposes, as the platform ensures sites are automatically on-brand, accessible, and easy to update.

If you’re interested in starting a PIE site for your research, please read below for more information and training materials, and contact AHS Marcom if you require assistance with setup. If your research site is currently on another platform and you’d like it migrated to PIE, please contact AHS Marcom – we’re happy to assist.

Please note that AHS Marcom does not create content for or otherwise manage research/lab websites, regardless of platform used.


  1. The website’s parent name should always be College of Applied Health Sciences and link to ahs.illinois.edu. (will automatically show in the footer on PIE websites)
  2. Can add the department name in the footer under “Related Units and Organizations” if desired and link to the department page on the college website.
  3. Must have an email that someone regularly checks in the footer of the website.
  4. Must label and use appropriate language for alt tags for ALL images that are not just for decoration. See training resources below for examples.
  5. Use correct hierarchy for content and headings. Each page should only have on h1 (Level 1 heading). After that, use h2, then h3, then h4 just like an outline of a paper.
  6. Editing permissions: Websites have the following editors for AHS Marcom access; please don’t remove them.
    • bralts
    • vinlara
    • reinhart

Training Resources


  • PIE – publish.illinois.edu – a free, secure, and easy campus web hosting solution using WordPress to create a website.