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AHS Dean’s Office Units/Offices

Associate Dean for Administration

Financial, Personnel and Infrastructure

  • Budget and business
  • Facilities
  • Human resources 
  • Info technology 

Assistant Dean for Advancement

Contact: Kathy SaathoffJean Driscoll

Donor and Alumni Relations

  • Fundraising
  • Donor relations
  • Alumni relations

Assistant Dean for Marketing & Communications

Contact: Lisa Bralts

Marketing & Communications 

  • Media releases and publications
  • Print materials and graphic design
  • College websites and social media
  • Dean’s List and other newsletters
  • Digital advertising

Associate Dean for Undergraduate & Graduate Affairs

Degree/Non-Degree Program and Students

  • Academic and non-academic learning/programs
  • Student recruitment and retention
  • E-Learning
  • International activities

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Contact: Dustin Tarter

Undergraduate Students

  • UG student recruitment, admissions, and retention
  • UG advisement
  • Career services
  • Student groups
  • James Scholars

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Contact:  Robbin KingAmy Woods

Faculty (TT and Non-TT)

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Promotion
  • Development
  • Leaves
  • Evaluation
  • Awards and honors

Associate Dean for Research, CHAD

Research and Strategic Initiatives

  • Research leadership, support, & mentoring
  • Pre-award support
  • External relations (research)
  • Outreach & engagement
  • Strategic planning and initiatives

AHS Faculty Committees

Equal Employment Opportunity Officers

College Committees: Governance Activities

Elections and Credentials Committee:
Contact: Robbin King
College committee and Senate selections

Executive Committee:
Contact: Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell & Robbin King
College-level policies, bylaws, and issues

College Committees: Climate

Grievance Committee:
Contact: Robbin King
Complaints about a department/unit, its officers, committees, or faculty

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:
Contact: Kim Shinew
Policies, practices, and initiatives regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion

College Committees: Education

Alleged Capricious Grading Committee:
Contact: Robbin King

Educational Policy Committee:
Contact: Reggie Alston & Robbin King
Matters regarding educational policies and programs

Academic Integrity Committee:
Contact: Robbin King

College Committees: Hiring, Promotion, Recognition

Promotion and Tenure:
Contact: Amy Woods & Robbin King
Promotion and tenure policies and procedures

College Awards Committee:
Contact: Amy Woods & Robbin King
College recognitions and awards