The Motor Control Research Lab

The Motor Control Research Lab at UIUC focuses on how the central nervous system controls movements from physiological and behavioral perspectives. We look at mobility, balance, and gait as a function of aging and impairments to investigate the following: 
  • Risk, mechanisms and prevention of falls in people with neurological impairments 
  • How gait and balance are affected by neurological impairments
  • Cognitive motor interference in walking
  • Theoretical motor control
Our research participants include healthy adults of all ages, people with Multiple Sclerosis, people with Parkinson’s Disease, stroke survivors, people with chronic kidney disease, and people with various spinal cord injuries. 

The MCRL constantly researches how people’s everyday lives are affected by age and impairments. Because of this, we are always in need of huge variety of willing participants ranging in age from 18-75 years.

If you are interested in being a participant, you have several options.
  • You can fill out the form to the left
  • You can call the lab at 217.244.7006
  • You can email the lab at
Most studies offer monetary compensation for time and travel!
(217) 244- 7006

Click here to see the MCRL Brochure!