Keep up with the Alumni from the MCRL!

Jamie Rymut, B.S.

Jamie graduated in May of 2017. She started as an undergraduate research assistant since her junior year and worked with us over the summer after she graduated. She is super sharp and graduated in the top 3% of all of Applied Health Sciences! She is in the process of applying to Physician Assistant programs.


Kathleen Roeing, M.S.








Katie finished her M.S. in Kinesiology and Community Health in July 2017. She started as an undergraduate research assistant in the MCRL in 2013! Her thesis tested a novel cell phone application to assess fall risk in older adults.


Douglas Wajda, Ph.D.








Doug finished his Ph.D. in Kinesiology and Community Health back in May of 2016. His dissertation covered topics in movement and attention in stroke patients, persons with multiple sclerosis, and older adults. His work is in the process of being published! He now works as an Assistant Professor at Cleveland State University in their Department of Health and Human Performance.


Chandra Jayaraman, Ph.D.






Chandra got his Ph.D. inĀ  Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering back in 2015. He also worked with Dr. Sosnoff to get a masters in Kinesiology and Community Health in 2015. He works now as a Post Doctoral Fellow for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Chandra has collaborated with our lab on a number of projects and continues to do so!


Stephanie Rancich, B.S.

“My name is Stephanie and I graduated from U of I in May of 2016 with my Bachelor of Science in Integrative Biology. I worked as a research assistant in the Motor Control Research Lab during my senior year and it was a great experience that taught me more about the research side of healthcare, while also allowing me to work directly with the participants in the studies. Currently I am in the Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing Program at Rush University and hope to be a Nurse Practitioner one day. Throughout my education I continue to see how important the research aspect of healthcare is and I am very grateful for my experience working in the MCRL”.